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The Jamwich is a fan-focused art/music/culture magazine, with a mission of promoting visual artists and mid-level bands in the jam scene. We believe in living your dream and your passion, and wish to bring positivity, energy, and success to those working hard to do what they love. Co-owners Taco and Elise Olmstead, as well as team members of The Jamwich, are constantly at festivals and venues taking an active part in the direction that today’s live music scene is heading in the future. Our readers and fans are a community of like-minded individuals striving to support each other and take active roles within their scene.

Each month we feature a “Jamwich Lineup”, a list of upcoming shows we compile to help our readers find new music and new places to hang out. Our team travels to multiple shows and festivals handing out our magazines for free to try to direct music fans to the places they would want to go and shows they would like to see. We have monthly featured visual artists, including: fine artists, live artists, performance artists, and artisans of handmade crafts. We also feature an “up and coming” band monthly, who must have remarkable talent, excellent personality, and the drive to succeed, while not quite yet having a headliner fan following yet. Our focus is to expose and highlight creative, talented people in order to expand their fan base and provide a unique perspective on their craft.

At The Jamwich, we are all about meeting people and cultivating the scene. It really is a company by the fans & for the fans. We do everything we can to promote our partners and strive to build mutually beneficial relationships to last a lifetime. Not only do we currently have our team distributing the magazine, but also bands, cafes, and shops as well.

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