Taco and Elise Olmstead working backstage at Resonance Music Festival 2017.

The Jamwich Ltd. is a company invested in creating positive movement in the music and art community through promotion and participation. More than a magazine, The Jamwich is a group of people, led by founders Taco and Elise Olmstead, taking an active role in the direction of their community acting as “boots on the ground” of positive force at shows and festivals up and down the East Coast, and rapidly growing to national proportions.


The Jamwich  focuses on mid-level bands, visual artists, and festivals, with special insights into the music industry with “Industry Spotlight” interviews with professionals such as lighting designers and venue owners, as well as highlighting the community itself with articles like “Fan Spotlight” and “20 Questions.”  There is always an interview with a specially chosen “Featured Musician” who The Jamwich Editors selected based on their current musical achievements as well as their activity and “buzz” on the scene.  Visual artists are a very important to The Jamwich, artists are usually live painters and are actively taking part in music festival galleries and other events while currently creating new and exciting pieces.  Besides articles about music and art The Jamwich offers many lifestyle and editorial articles, including tips on how to survive festival season as well as stories of self-improvement, health, and sobriety. We post new and unique content on a nearly daily basis like festival reviews and previews, weekly digests of upcoming live music, musical debuts and news, and more.


The Jamwich team takes on many roles in the music industry working as staff at festivals and venues, sometimes donating our time for free to help independent and start up events.  We (Taco and Elise) have worked as stage managers, art gallery curators, box office coordinators, artist relations, transportation dispatch, volunteer coordinators, merchandise coordinators, and many more roles within the industry.  Presenting our own festival, The Mad Tea Party Jam, for many years, we find ourselves happiest when consulting events and helping in their advancement and success.


The Jamwich Ltd. also offers internship programs for not only college students, but also anyone who would like to learn more skills within the music industry.  The Jamwich also offers commissions to those who would like to join our distribution team and sell advertising along the way.  The Jamwich sales commissions are open to anyone who would like to apply.  You can learn more about our internship programs, open distribution team positions, and advertising sales commissions by emailing Elise at elise@thejamwich.com.


In the Spring of 2018, The Jamwich started the I <3 Small Festivals campaign to garner new excitement and enthusiasm for the small events that are an important part of our community.  We believe that at smaller events, collaboration is fostered and the culture takes a forefront, lending to an overall more fulfilling experience for the attendee, as well as helping more local and mid-level talent that enjoys a personal interaction with the ticket buyers.  I <3 Small Festivals will be continuing the campaign annually by releasing an annual “Small Festivals Guide,” “I <3 Small Festivals” discount card, and special articles and features meant to bring more attention to these special events.  We plan to create more I <3 Small Festivals initiatives and merchandise in the next year.


As of 2017, Elise Olmstead of The Jamwich has started offering design services to the public.  These services were originally reserved for bands only, and the main customer focus is bands and small to mid-level promoters, but we have also designed for artists, vendors, and small businesses.  Providing affordable to design is another way that we can give back to our community, as the visual marketing an engaging design offers can greatly affect the success of a company or an event.  The Jamwich offers design services for the price of $25/hr and $50 for a basic show or tour poster.  Please send an email to elise@thejamwich.com to inquire.


Advertising is available in our print magazine, our website, and on our social media outlets, at affordable prices with many custom options built specifically for the needs of those within the music industry.  Bands receive special pricing at a considerable discount because we feel that they are the foundation of our community and industry and we want to help them succeed.  Festivals and venues are our biggest customers, receiving extra press, listings, and promotions through our many outlets.  We enjoy taking extra care to spread the word for our clients to the die-hard music fans that our readership consists of.  Please send an email to elise@thejamwich.com to inquire about advertising.


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