Written by Clayton Silcox

Earth is beautiful. She gives us day, she gives us night, and she gives us life. We have flowing rivers and streams, sparkling ponds and lakes, and dazzling, life-sustaining oceans. Earth is teeming with volcanic anomalies, seismic happenings, and extreme weather events. All of these things have the power to shift and shape our planet. The pressure and heat created within the Earth’s crust from this movement creates many things including crystals and gems. Mind you, it takes many thousands and millions of years for this to happen, but the precious stones would have it no other way. Many of these gems are believed to have energetic properties to humans and mammals alike. Whether or not you believe this, there is much science behind this idea, and the notion itself is an accepted piece of information all the way back to ancient society. For thousands of years, specific stones have been the centerpiece of holistic healing. These stones have been used to heal, to ward off negative energy, and to bring level-headedness and prosperity to people in need. More specifically speaking, crystals have been used to heal, remedy, and improve emotional detriments, one’s sense of self-sustenance, sexuality, pleasure in all forms, confidence, self-esteem, love, peacefulness, communication discrepancies, honesty, intuition, creativity, beauty both inside and out, and our spiritual connection. I will discuss the best stones to keep your chakras in check.


Noun (in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.

-Root Chakra

The root; the base of human energy. Red in color and known as “Muladhara” in Hindu culture, it is symbolized by a four-petal lotus, its element being earth. The best stones to balance and unleash this chakra’s energy are red carnelian and bloodstone. The carnelian promotes strength and courage while the bloodstone encourages an absence of negativity and good self-esteem.


-Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, our second energetic location, is the center of sexuality and acceptance. Orange in color and known as “Svadhishthana” in the Hindu culture, it is symbolized by a six-petal white lotus, and by the element of water. Each of the six orange petals on the lotus flower is representative of the six variants of consciousness or vrittis: delusion, suspicion, disdain, maliciousness, apathy, and affection. Keep this chakra balanced to keep your desires in check. The best stones for Svadhishthana meditation and healing are yellow or orange in color.  Moonstone, citrine, and amber are good stones to use here. Moonstone can open this chakra, citrine can cleanse this chakra, and amber can calm down the energy in this chakra. Like I stated before, any stone that is yellow or orange in color will work here as long as you do your homework.


-Solar Plexus Chakra

Our third main chakra is the center of what make us who we are or who we identify as, and is also the center for transformation and metabolism. Yellow in color, it is known as the “Manipura” in Hindu culture. It is represented by an upside-down red triangle within a circle surrounded by dark-colored petals. Manipura literally translates from Sanskrit to “city of jewels.” Its element is fire and it is associated with the gemstones agate and tigers’ eye. Agate of all types is good for grounding while tigers’ eye is good to improve willpower and increase your motivation.


-Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, our center for love and compassion, is also known as the unifying fourth chakra. It is known as “Anahata” in Hindu culture. Green in color, it is associated with equality, balance, serenity, and docility. The fourth chakra is represented by a six-pointed star inside of a circle surrounded by twelve petals. Its element is air and its corresponding gemstones are emerald, jade, green kyanite, and rose quartz. Emerald is useful in improving compassion, jade is a good catalyst for creativity, green kyanite is good for opening the heart chakra, rose quartz is good for a myriad of things including reducing stress, dispelling resentment, and attracting love.


-Throat Chakra

Our fifth energy center, the throat chakra or the “Vishuddha” as it is known in Hindu culture, is obviously called the throat chakra because of its location on the neck. It is symbolized by an upside-down blue triangle within a circle surrounded by sixteen magenta petals. The throat chakra is the center of self-purification and self-expression. The opening of the throat chakra can give one the ability to turn bad situations into learning experiences without harming the subject in question. This chakra’s element is “Akasha,” which translates to “sky.” Stones that enhance this chakra’s abilities are labradorite, malachite, and larimar. Labradorite protects and balances the aura, malachite clears and balances all chakras while stimulating throat and heart chakras simultaneously, and larimar heals and enlightens the throat chakra.


-Third Eye Chakra

Our window into what we perceive as the energetic flow of the universe; the third eye. It enables us to see that which is not entirely physical, but that which does exist. This concept is mysterious and hotly disputed amongst people in places of relative intelligence. This is the sixth and one of the most important chakras, as it is sensitive to all forms of energy. Spirituality and clairvoyance are both thought to originate from the third eye. Physically it is located in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows, in the same location that people of Hindu descent make a smudge known as a “Bindi.” Stones that stimulate this region are amethyst, purple fluorite, and black obsidian. Amethyst is used to balance and open the third eye, purple fluorite wards off negative energy, and black obsidian helps to increase emotional control. Meditate to open up this chakra!


-Crown Chakra

This is the seventh and final point of energy, the crown chakra. It is called the “Sahasrara” in Hindu culture and is associated with the pineal gland, or the human brain’s connection with universal energy. This chakra is represented by a lotus flower with more than a thousand colors and that is arranged into twenty layers. The best stones for heightening your crown are selenite and Herkimer diamond. Selenite has the capability to open the third eye and crown, while cleansing the aural field. Herkimer diamond has the ability to clear and balance all of the chakras from the crown to the root. Meditate with these stones to clear your aura properly.

All of these stones when used correctly can do amazing things for your spiritual and physical well-being. There are other stones that work just as well with these chakras, but are not listed above. I encourage you to seek all of them, as they all have different qualities and properties. Your local rock & gem shop should be able to help you with this, otherwise go to the library! Happy meditating! Peace and love my friends!!!