Are you craving a blend of great music, community, and adventure? The Florida Americana Music Festival, set for April 17th-21st at the enchanting Florida Sand Music Ranch in Brooksville, is your next must-experience destination! This festival will be one for the books featuring acclaimed acts like Dr. Bacon, The Apple Butter Express, Firewater Tent Revival, and much more! But what if you could be more than a spectator? Put on your most comfortable shoes and become a vital part of the festival magic by joining the festival’s team of volunteers! 

 Why should you sign up?

Volunteering connects you with a community of passionate people who share your love for Americana music. You’ll work alongside fellow volunteers, all excited about the festival. Strike up conversations, discover hidden music gems, and forge connections that could blossom into lifelong friendships. Depending on your volunteer role, you could find yourself right next to the stage, soaking up the mystic energy of the performers. Or you’ll interact with festival-goers at the merchandise booth, showcasing the festival’s coolest t-shirts and memorabilia. You may even witness an impromptu jam session with fellow volunteers or attending musicians after hours!

Volunteer coordinator Linda “Boots” Hoffman shares:

Volunteers are essential to producing music festivals. Those at the Front Gate are the first contact as they check in the attendees and welcome them to The Ranch and the Fest. Campground Guides lead folks to their sites and coach them with parking their rigs, if necessary. In Merch, we sell T-shirts and other memorabilia that support the festival and help the artists with their merch sales. The Security Detail works to keep us all safe.

I’ve been volunteering at music festivals for years. Perhaps first at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, where two friends introduced me to the idea. I worked in the Merchandise Area, where we sold CDs for the participants and some memorabilia for the event. It was a wonderful experience because of the interaction with numerous customers and musicians. Before that, I had worked at a campground in Gettysburg, PA, where they host two bluegrass festivals yearly.

Since the Memphis experience, I have volunteered at many festivals at what is now the Florida Sand Music Ranch: Riverhawks, Stringbreaks, Will McLean, and now Foggy Longbritches’ Americana festivals. For at least six of those, I have organized the Merchandise Operation. I also coordinate with the volunteers in other aspects of running a festival.

Even though some volunteers may be motivated by the opportunity to earn admission and/or camping, I believe they are dedicated enthusiasts who would attend these festivals even if they were not working. That tends to make them good at helping others who enjoy the occasion.

It has also been my experience that camaraderie develops among the volunteers and that they enjoy interacting with the many other festivalgoers they assist. Very few are single-time volunteers. They make a habit of offering to help. And I think most of us have made new and lasting friendships through this whole wonderful experience.

Volunteer Roles That Suit Every Passion:

  • Front Gate: Be present at the front gate of the festival to welcome attendees and campers, confirm pre-purchased tickets, sell tickets, collect money, and direct attendees. Must be comfortable using or learning the Square app for accepting credit card payments on a mobile device
  • Parking Guides: Explain to festival attendees the parking options (primitive camping or day parking) and guide large RVs into the field.
  • Merchandise: Help customers with size and style selections and process sales on a mobile device with the Square application. Monitor Artist Merchandise displays but do not handle payments there. Push merchandise racks out from backstage each morning and then return them at the end of each day.

When you apply to volunteer for the festival, there are some easy-to-follow guidelines you’ll need to agree to. These include:  

– Completing your assigned shifts for 7-8 hours to get free admission to the festival. 

If you’re volunteering for the first time, you’ll need to pay the admission fees upfront, but don’t worry—you’ll get a refund upon completing your assigned shifts. If this is your first time volunteering at a Foggy Longbritches event, you will be counted as a first-time volunteer. 

You can camp for free in the primitive camping area, but an upgrade charge will be added if you choose to upgrade. 

Don’t wait! Click this link now and complete the volunteer application. If you have any additional questions, please email This is your chance to be at the heart of Florida’s Americana music scene, contribute to its legacy, and make unforgettable memories. See you April 17th-21st at the FloridaSand Music Ranch!