The Currys

Music lovers, are you prepared to experience the beating heart of Americana music like never before? The Currys are set to win your hearts at The Florida Sand Music Ranch in Brooksville from April 17th to 21st. The best of Americana music talent will take center stage in this five-day roots gathering in paradise. Imagine an electrifying long weekend where the sounds of folk, blues, country, and everything in between converge into one transcendent experience. As the warm Central Florida night falls, you’ll find yourself swaying along to the magnetizing harmonies of The Currys. This powerhouse trio has become a cornerstone of the state’s Americana scene with heartfelt songwriting and spontaneous onstage chemistry. The Currys are just a glimpse of what’s in store. The festival stages will come alive with showstopping performances from national and local talents alike, unfolding against Brooksville’s warm hospitality and natural splendor. This festival is your chance to be part of something special from the very start.

As The Currys prepare to take the stage at the first-ever Florida Americana Music Festival, a sense of excitement runs through the trio. This performance represents more than another gig on a stacked touring schedule. It’s a homecoming celebration. From their humble beginnings as siblings, Tommy and Jimmy Curry have fond memories of jamming at small venues along the Forgotten Coast near Port St. Joe during family reunions alongside their cousin Galen Curry; The trio has cradled a piece of Florida’s spirit in their DNA. “We’ve spent so much time driving and traveling around Florida that it would be impossible for the beautiful landscape not to have infiltrated our subconscious and affected our writing,” admits Galen. And it’s true; you can hear those cypress-shaded rivers, rolling dunes, and crashing Gulf waves pulsing through their harmonized revelries.

From trudging sandy beaches to cruising palm-lined coastal roads, the contours of Florida have seeped into The Currys’ very musicality. While few songs directly reference the state’s natural splendor, Tommy’s Gulf Coast Home is one exception paying tribute to their geographic muse.
With their tight harmonies and heartfelt songcraft now known nationwide, The Currys remain forever rooted in the Florida soil that first nurtured their unbreakable bond and unity.

“When we started, we were firmly centered on a folky/acoustic/Americana vibe, and that’s what we strived for in song production.” However, after years of recording and touring, their perspective has broadened. “Now, we see ourselves more as songwriters generally,” Galen states. “We write the songs we want to write, and the genre isn’t a limiting factor anymore.”
This newfound freedom is evident in their latest album, Keepers. It showcases a wide range of sounds and styles united by the band’s signature harmonies and incorporating a full band sound. From driving folk rock anthems to introspective acoustic balladry, the record refuses to be constrained by conventional labels.

“We love folk and acoustic music, and most of the time, we perform as a drum-less trio, which lends itself to those folky, acoustic arrangements,” Galen acknowledges. “But I think we’re considering ourselves a strictly defined ‘folk group’ less and less these days.” What remains constant is The Currys’ commitment to musical honesty and allowing their creative identities to evolve organically.

For a band that spends time crisscrossing the country’s highways, festivals represent a vital opportunity to connect with kindred spirits. As the band states, “For musicians, music festivals are great because they make us feel like we are part of a community!” The nomadic touring life can be incredibly isolating. “Most of the time when we are on the road, it’s just our band performing, and it can feel like we are the only people on Earth living this lifestyle,” they admit. But festivals serve as a reminder that “there are other weirdos out there, and some of those weirdos might even talk to you.”

The festival’s lineup also promises plenty of new bonds to be forged. The Currys look forward to reuniting with performers like Grant Peeples, Passerine, Bronwyn Chelette, Rachel Grubb, Nick Bohn, and more! It is important to note that festivals allow The Currys to tap into the wellspring of creativity when free spirits gather to celebrate unrestrained expression.

While festival stages allow them to transcend geographic boundaries, their journey remains deeply rooted in the venues and communities across Florida. Few experiences were as pivotal as their appearance at the renowned Florida Folk Festival in 2012. As they recount, “Billy Dean had heard us perform and was kind enough to invite us onto the mainstage during his headlining set to play a few songs under the beautiful live oak trees of the Stephen Foster State Park.” That career-defining moment cemented The Currys’ place in the Florida Americana Music community.

“The crowd was very receptive to our original music,” Galen remembers fondly, “and it launched a close relationship with many new friends, fans, and followers who have nurtured our presence in Florida ever since.” These connections extend to the intimate venue circuit that has welcomed The Currys like family over the years. “We are always grateful to festivals and venues for giving us a stage,” says Galen, shouting out Florida mainstays like Heartwood Soundstage, Blue Jay Listening Room, Indian Pass Raw Bar, Wiley House Concerts, and Scallop Republic.
“You should go to these places and support them,” he implores, “as they all do great work elevating music in Florida.”

From the warm embrace of Stephen Foster’s mossy oaks to the eclectic underground hotspots keeping the music alive, the Sunshine State’s musical ecosystem has nourished The Currys spiritually and artistically. Returning to perform at the Florida Americana Music Festival represents an opportunity to celebrate this profound relationship. “Regardless of how far our travels take us, we always find ourselves in Florida regularly,” says Galen. So we’re always excited when a new festival like this pops up. It is in an excellent location with good people behind it, so I hope to see it do well!”

As The Currys come together once again, their harmonies fill the air with warmth and familiarity in the company of their loving Florida family. It’s an authentic homecoming – a full-circle affirmation of the seeds they’ve sown and the bonds they’ve created on countless highways that led them back home. Take your chance to proudly say that you were at the first Florida Americana Music Festival and saw The Currys perform live! Visit now to grab your tickets today!