The Applebutter Express

Are you ready for some good old-fashioned fun with a mix of bluegrass and funk? Then, you must plan to attend the Saturday night set by The Applebutter Express, one of the headlining acts at the upcoming Florida Americana Music Festival from April 18th to 21st. The band’s commitment to creating music that embodies a fun atmosphere ensures that their forthcoming performance will be a standout event at the festival. Their attention to detail and the passion they bring to their craft are evident in every song they create, and their ability to captivate an audience with their upbeat spirit is truly remarkable. Fans will surely appreciate the dynamic energy and infectious presence that The Applebutter Express brings to the stage.

Kyle & Shannon Biss

A Sweet Journey: From Duo to Quartet

The Applebutter Express began its journey 12 years ago, sprouting from the musical and personal partnership of Kyle and Shannon Biss. What started with a ukulele, a voice, and a vision to make people dance has blossomed into a quartet celebrated across festival scenes. Joined by Zach Rogers on bass and Jason Baker on fiddle, the band has graced stages from Bonnaroo to Hulaween, collecting fans and friends all along the way.

Defining the Sound: Ukulele Funk Meets Bluegrass

Describing their sound as “ukulele funk,” The Applebutter Express transcends boundaries. Their lively, dance-inducing music is anchored in the belief that life’s too short for sad songs. Their poignant, upbeat lyrics have carved out a niche that stands out amongst many bands and profoundly resonates with fans looking for a reason to smile and boogie. 

Pride In Their Roots: Best of the Bay and Beyond

The band’s commitment to their craft was recently recognized with their 9th Best of the Bay Award for Best Bluegrass Band. Their track Hey My Brotha also gained national attention after being featured in the Ron Howard film “The Good Lie.” These achievements underscore their musical prowess and demonstrate their influence beyond the Tampa Bay area’s borders.

Philosophy of Joy: A Stand Against the Sadness

The Applebutter Express is fully dedicated to uplifting people’s spirits in a world often overshadowed by sadness. They believe music should celebrate life’s joys rather than sorrows. Their philosophy sets them apart and creates a lively and welcoming environment at their shows—something festival-goers can eagerly look forward to.

Looking Ahead: Festivals, Tampa Bay, and New Adventures

With an entire festival season on the horizon, The Applebutter Express is excited to share its sound with longtime fans and new audiences across Tampa Bay and beyond. Their presence at the Florida Americana Music Festival promises good times, memorable tunes, and infectious energy that defines the very root of Americana music.

As the Florida Americana Music Festival prepares to open its gates from April 18th to 21st, excitement builds for the upcoming performance by The Applebutter Express. They are scheduled to perform on Saturday at the East Stage at 9:15 PM. As we count down the days to their performance, it’s clear that The Applebutter Express is a vital part of the heart and soul of the Florida Americana Music Festival, promising an unforgettable night that will resonate with attendees long after the festival ends. Join us in embracing music, community, and celebration that only The Applebutter Express can deliver. Early worm tickets are available now at – a gateway to an experience where music, joy, and togetherness reign supreme.