On the road to Gem & Jam festival, Rose Ganache shared some insight on their journey as a band, their current projects & what they have their sights set on next.

Rose Ganache – tell us what you remember about how you came to be. 

We started performing together in 2018, playing gigs around Charleston, South Carolina. We met at an open jam that James hosted and I was a singer/songwriter. He had been playing in a local band and I had been traveling with my solo act. It was very natural and easy, and so the collaboration began.

  1. What’s it like having caught the eyes of The Disco Biscuits and Umphrey’s McGee?

Putting out a record with Ryan and Kris from Umphrey’s McGee was the thrill of a lifetime. We worked with and were mentored by members of The Disco Biscuits for the better part of a year through Marc Brownstein’s company Lively. Both bands have taught us a tremendous amount, and we think it’s so cool how supportive they’ve been considering how different our music is from theirs. We are forever grateful. It has been an incredible learning and growing experience. 

  1. What can you tell us about where your music has grown in the past year?

We just released an EP called Acoustic this past September. It’s a complete 180 from our first EP Madness From Two, which featured Ryan Stasik and Kris Myers from Umphrey’s McGee and was very rock-forward. Acoustic is raw and to the point. The music speaks for itself, we are very proud of it. 

  1. What was your 1st show like?

We had an album release party in Charleston, SC. It was a full performance of the EP Madness From Two. We had friends and family come out and celebrate with us. As for an actual show, we teamed up with Mike Greenfield from Lotus and Tim Kayat from Runaway Gin and performed at The Boom Room in Philly this past March. It was a very special show. 

  1. Where do you have your sights set on in 2023 starting with Gem and Jam festival?

We are beyond excited to kick off 2023 with an acoustic set at Gem & Jam festival! Then we will be headed back to Denver, Colorado, for a full band show at Knew Conscious on February 10, featuring Allen Aucoin from The Disco Biscuits on drums and bassist Roger Len Smith. We will be announcing more shows on our socials. We have a big year of gigging coalescing. Also, we are currently in pre-production with our next album which we will be releasing in 2023 with legendary producer Ray Bardani.