For more than a decade the art of Podcasting has increasingly become a household word. Podcasting is now frequently seen in just about every form of advertising, and the role of the podcaster has started to emerge in tv shows and movie plots. Podcasting is an impactful medium taking the world by storm and only continues to grow. One of the reasons podcasting has grown in popularity is that it has an easy entry point. With apps such as Anchor leveling the playing field anyone with a phone and the motivation to do so can start a podcast. In my own podcasting journey, I have found a strong sense of community among podcasters of all levels. Whether they have just published their first episode using their phone or they have been at it since the early days and are now operating out of a fully-fledged studio. One thing is apparent. No matter the experience level there is a tenacious support community surrounding the podcasting industry and that community grows even stronger with live conventions all over the world. The 9th Annual Podfest will take place at Renaissance Orlando from January 26th-29th 2023. This is an event for podcasters who are in the genesis of their podcasting journey, folks who may be at an intermediate level, and also for professional people who make their living in the podcast industry. No matter your experience level Podfest promises an unforgettable experience designed to help and inspire podcasters of all levels to learn, get inspired, and progress.

Podfest is a fun and educational experience offering a variety of talks in the expo hall by the leaders in the podcasting industry, educational breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. Some of the speakers on this year’s lineup include Sarah Dean of Shameless Mom Academy and Scott Johnson of What Was That Like? And Katie Krinitsos to name a few from the lineup which continues to blossom every week. Each of the speakers will cover topics relating to podcast launches, growing your audience, monetization, marketing, youtube strategies, as well as how to network within the field. 

Podfest offers different types of tickets So whether you are a beginner, an intermediate podcaster, or a pro there is a ticket designed just for you! You don’t have to have an existing podcast to benefit from this event. The entry-level ticket known as the Beginner Pass is designed for emerging podcasters who are about to embark on their podcasting journey or have recently started. The Creator Pass is intended for those who are more experienced and have progressed beyond their launch and are looking to advance their skills in technology, audience growth, and also monetization. There is also the Podcast Influencer VIP experience which is for those who work and make their living in the podcasting industry and are looking to progress and network with an elevated experience. There is VIP ad on packages for each of the ticket levels and all information concerning tickets and upgraded admission can be found here.

The 9th Annual Podfest takes place at Renaissance at SeaWorld in Orlando Florida. The venue is within walking distance of the Sea World Orlando, International Drive, and many of Orlando’s premier attractions. The hotel offers attendees a resort experience with fantastic amenities, streaming services, gorgeous views of Sea World Orlando, a sparkling pool, and a breathtaking atrium. The airport (MCO) is located 11 miles from the venue. Orlando has a wide range of rideshare companies as well as public transit. 

Podfest Multimedia Expo is sure to be a valuable and unforgettable event for podcasters of all levels. It was designed by those who are passionate about the art of podcasting and has a long history of bringing amateurs and pros together under one roof to connect and grow. All information pertaining to the event can be found here. See you at Podfest Multi Media Expo in Orlando Florida January 26th-29th