Written by Maria Ekaterina
For EDM fans who love bass vibrations and sharing love, acceptance, and appreciation of individuality, music festivals like Gem & Jam in Arizona are a family reunion. The EDM weekend experience will undoubtedly have unforgettable auditory sensations and live visuals such as heavy bass and laser light shows.

If you are already a ticket holder, you might have a plan for making sure you don’t miss that long-awaited, live set with your Fruities. With the talk of a special tribute set dedicated to the beloved CharlesTheFirst, there are bound to be some legendary collaborations throughout the weekend. But don’t forget to check out these 5 do-not-miss Gem & Jam sets of 2022 for those lovers of both Jam Bands & EDM.

  1. Maddy O’ Neal is known for creative and out-of-the-box spins that bring a gentle, sharp & fresh mix of elements to uplift and refresh our senses. Her authenticity in the EDM scene comes from her self-taught style and unique influence of live instruments. Check her out & don’t miss who will be joining her set.
  2. Hot Buttered Rum is exactly the set you’ll want to be at if you want to mix a little bit of bluegrass and jam band back into your weekend. This is a do-not-miss for you bluegrass loving headbangers. Their songs are lyrically genius with beautifully woven elements of string instruments like double bass, banjo, guitars, mandolin between sweet and easy-rolling drums and piano. Chill out with your friends and take in all the venue has to offer while saving your bass head energy for the rocket ship into the sunrise.
  3. Melvin Seals and JGB is a do-not-miss for lovers of Jerry Garcia. His long-respected reputation connects to the origin of great Jam Band history during his 18 years playing Hammond B-3 Organ with the Jerry Garcia Band, which pioneered and defined what is now “jamband music”. Show up to show your love and appreciation, while getting down to some mixed Jerry Band originals & the beloved covers you know that will fill your heart.
  4. SunSquabi is known for tunes so funky you won’t know what to label them. Just know you’ll get lost in feelings of your own creation. With a rocking sophistication of spaced-out looping mixed with bouncy drums juiced into their noteworthy singles like “Caterpillar”, “Chrysalis” and “Deluxe”. This is not a set you’ll want to miss out on. For jamband-loving headbangers, this is one of the best sets on the lineup for 2022.
  5. The Bennu is best suited for those who love to get funky. Their crisp string lines, bouncy percussion mirroring various keys all keep a unison dance with their female lead vocals. You probably will naturally be sucked into their set if you happen to pass their stage without any plans. With all this natural energy woven into a groovadelic dance session, this is the band that will help you make new friends and remind you why you look so damn good dancing!

In its 14th year – Gem and Jam curates some of the best from The Jam Band & EDM Scene to join in full-on jubilation in Arizona this February 2022.