Do you like communication? Do you feel comfortable at the parties, and your soft-skills are amazingly developed? If such, you will enjoy working in the entertainment sphere. There are dozens of possibilities for a young person these days to make a career in entertainment. Here find many valuable and important aspects discussed below.

Before we dwell on the topic, it is important to state that working in the ‘fun’ industry is not easy. There are many factors and specifics of your possible occupation in the future. First of all, a student needs to understand that developed soft skills (those skills that ensure and characterize your relationships with other colleagues) are important in the sphere.

There are many other requirements that a candidature has to satisfy if willing to work in entertainment. For example, management and marketing. In many cases, you also would be required to shows sufficient experience and scope of knowledge. However, if you are a student ready for the challenge and sure that the entertainment sphere is what you need, not doubts – you need to try!

Below, a student can find useful info about possible occupations in the entertainment sphere and possible universities where you can study.

Working in Entertainment: Music or TV Producer

If you are good at managing massive processes and have a head for business, you can study for an entertainment manager, such as a music or TV producer. When working as a producer, you will require a good strategy and planning skills to look at the media and entertainment industry as a businessman (or a businesswoman) rather than a philistine.

To get a sufficient and needed scope of knowledge on the topic, you can apply for a music production degree, music production, and engineering for a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s. For instance, in Washington, D.C., at the College of Arts and Sciences, American University, you can find the needed specialization.

Working in Entertainment: Become a Visual Effects Artist

If you are a more artsy kind of person, there is no doubt that you will adore this occupation! Here you will be able to work with the world of rapidly evolving visual effects and modern technologies to make a breath-taking picture.

In fact, to become a VFX artist (or Visual Effects Artist), you are not required to hold any special degrees; it is all about your creativity and mastery in visual effects. However, many modern artists tend to get a Bachelor’s degree in computer animation or visual effects as a starting point.

When opting for such a major, you will not be required to write hundreds of essays and boring projects (however, even if needed and have no time for that, you can always rely on an essay writing service). A student will be required only to hone to-the-point skills and work on one’s portfolio.

Below find the list of specializations and universities that you can study at if willing to mastery computer animation and visual effects:

  • Computer animation and Visual Effects, Bournemouth University;
  • Visual Effects at Teesside University;
  • Creative Technology at Leeds Beckett University;
  • Architectural Visualization at the University of Kent, and many others.

Working in Entertainment: Become a Production Assistant (or PA)

What are the obligations of a production assistant? As a film crew member, the person is responsible for various production aspects and filming processes. In general, the job functions differ depending on various specific requirements, such as budget, location, and other peculiarities of the filming process. In some cases, PAs work with actors, directors, or producers only. 

Many PAs previously got their degrees in Digital Production and are perfectly accustomed to all the filming processes’ working specifics. For instance, some of your working obligations can be as the following:

  • Evaluate daily rushes for a specific scene or movie;
  • Decrypt ways on how to alter a scene together with an editor (meaning, a film editor);
  • Have-to-be-done tasks by a producer, or a director, related to movies’ production;
  • Work on set props and working with directors.

What more? When getting all the inner production process perfectly, many production assistants can easily get into other filming processes and jobs.

No matter what occupation and major you decide to embark on, never give up! It always takes time, money, and considerable emotional and financial affords to succeed in any job. However, when you see the initial results, you will feel that it worth it.