Due to the pandemic, nowadays more and more people study at home. Students visit lessons online, absorb and learn lots of info on their own. Many were obliged to learn how to study at home: form own studying schedules, analyze thoroughly set of subjects, share needed time on finishing homework and having a rest (which is also important). And let’s be honest – not all of us can manage it all successfully.

Moreover, many students claim that they had issues controlling their time on quarantine and were studying even more than needed. “More than needed?” – you might be surprised to read. However, the unmeasured study scope causes overall fatigue and even (in some cases) nervous system diseases.

To avoid any difficulties and surprisingly negative consequences, a student needs to adapt and learn to study when almost all the studying processes depend only on you. Thorough and detailed planning can help. But not only this – you also need to consider how to entertain yourself and how to make the studying process more fun. To find various useful ideas regarding entertaining and studying, read on!

Make Your Flashcards

Writing flashcards to remember a different kind of info may be one of the most common ways to visualize and make the remembering process of studying info fun and easy. All that is needed is to remember (no doubt, there would be no problems with you) and a stack of colorful cards. Then just write down all the info on the cards (for example, term on one side and definition on the other) and quiz yourself to understand the concepts and terms needed to remember.

What’s more? You can even play with a couple of friends (if you live in one dorm, ask someone to interfere, or play via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). That will be useful for both – you and your friends, making your daily routine more entertaining.

There are also various useful apps to play similar games on your phone. For instance, using Memrise, you can learn new words of a language that you try to learn. The main principle is the same – you write down a word and a definition to it. Play it whenever you feel bored with regular learning exercises. Have fun!


Developing the idea of flashcards and wise usage of time, posters also should be mentioned. If needed to learn anything, you can use not only flashcards but also – posters. Write useful info; you are required to memorize on colorful (or not) pieces of paper, draw on them, use mnemonics, etc. Doing that can help you learn the needed info and make your room and apartment more unique.

Use Plans to Visualize What You Are Currently Learning

Many students use whiteboards and write down on them all the info needed to be remembered and learned. After that, they structuralize and break a huge amount of work into small steps or pieces. For example, your massive plan is to pass a history exam or fully understand ancient governments’ operations, such as Babylonia. Next, you break the massive scope of info into smaller parts and stages and easily remember all the core aspects.

When doing that, you can easily structuralize not only one topic but the whole subject. Such as all the kingdoms (as in our example about Babylonia) are governed and evolved in a concrete period. In many cases, students rely on an essay writing service to complete and handle all the tasks (which is okay). However, with this method’s usage, you can easily handle writing any of your writing tasks.

Change the Atmosphere and Environment

What many students find entertaining is to change their surroundings when studying. It is healthy and a great idea to change the place where you study. For instance, if you feel that got used to your dorm room, go ahead and find another comfy place to study, such as a park (if the weather is great), library, your friend’s house (where you can study together and use flashcards), or comfy café. This method helps hundreds of students all around the world. Studying elsewhere can help you to concentrate and not to get used to your usual place of study.

Who said that studying alone (or mostly alone) is boring? You can entertain yourself easily; just use at least some of the above advice pieces or find even more on the net. Have fun!