Philadelphia, PA – Modern age songster, singer, multi-instrumentalist, photographer and videographer, Kirby Sybert makes his solo LP debut with Happy People Make Happy Things, due out on August 7thKirby sings, plays guitar, keys and drums in addition to 
recording and producing a large portion of the album in his Philadelphia bedroom.  It is a return to the simplicity and joy of creating something on one’s own and making it sound fantastic despite a fancy, expensive studio.
Happy People Make Happy Things is an introspective sonic journey highlighted by Kirby’s soulful vocals, psychedelic guitar riffs, rubbery bass lines and drums that hit right in the pocket.  Each of the nine original songs on the album are reflections of the only constant in the human experience: change. 
The album opens up with the swelling, “Ease Fulfillment,” written and recorded all in one night at home. Kirby sings, “fighting hard to claim my stake, in an industry I’ve grown to hate, people laugh, but it’s all fake. Whoa-oh, what a waste. Shake my hand and stab my back, does anyone get anywhere like that?  On that note, I’m headed out, back home to my family…” 
“Winds of Change” would not be out of place on Songs From Big Pink and centers around the continual growth experienced by human beings.  The song was written in Austin, TX when Kirby was on tour playing guitar with Philadelphia favorites, Mo Lowda & The Humble and was conceived in late night jam sessions on the road. It features guest vocals by Mo Lowda’s Jordan Caiola who co-wrote the tune.
Of “My Maker,” Kirby says, “this is my rumination on death and living in the moment. It’s a constant reminder for me to step back and enjoy what’s going on around me.”
“This Life,” is a sparse acoustic number that sounds like it could have been written in Laurel Canyon, while “Without You” is a funky, 70s inspired jam. “I also started writing a lot about love in the familial sense. I was trying to get away from the traditional love type song and exploring more ideas of how I love on a daily basis,” explains Kirby. “Without You” is about the idea of how someone shaped you into the person you are today. My dad got sick around the time I had written this and so he was always on my mind. Thinking about who I’d be without him and his love for my family and me.”
“Donny” is Kirby’s tribute to Donny Hathaway’s tragic death, how his daughter Layla carries on the Hathaway legacy and was originally written and recorded with former project, Kirby and the Vibe Tribe. On the haunting “Better Than I Was,” Kirby experiments with shifting vocal pitches and playfully enjoys playing a sinister role.  “I’ll Be There For You,” is a clap along, anthemic ode to friendship inspired by a car accident Kirby’s roommate was in and how important it is to show up for one’s friends and to be there for the people you love.
The album closes with “My Maker Reprise” and features Philadelphia saxophonist, Wil Schade who happened to be in the area when Kirby was wrapping up the session for the song.  Wil was able to drop by and spontaneously record his part in a half an hour. “It was exactly what that song needed to take it to the next level,” Kirby exclaimed.