Written by Wendy Dessler

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Hanging art is something millions of families do to improve or customize the look of their home. This can turn your space from a house to a home, and make it your own. While people can hang art of any kind, many people love the idea of hanging a photo of their pet. Tens of millions of American families own pets and see them as part of the family.

Sure, you can hang a standard photo of your pet in a standard frame, but for some people, that’s too boring or simple. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some DIY picture hanging ideas for your pet portraits to really show off how much you love them.

Have a Great Portrait to Hang

Before we can think about hanging pet portraits, you need to have something to hang. Many families opt for simply taking their favorite photo of their pet and hanging it. This is a great option, but there are several more you could do including a drawing of your pet, a watercolor, a pop art portrait, and anything else you could imagine. 

You can even get extra-creative with this and take things a step further. For example, you can get your pet painted by a professional artist in our community. Julie Young and Leslie Caneda are just two examples of artists that do pet portraits. You can also go to Instapainting for a hand-painted pet portrait done of your favorite photo of your pet. However you hang this piece of art, it is super to be a conversation piece and something you will love for years to come. 

Hang a Collage

Instead of simply hanging one photo or painting, another option is to hang a collage of photos. These can be organized and designed in a number of different ways, and feature a number of different photos and frames. They can be of similar sizes, different sizes and take up as much of a wall as you’d like.

This could be a collage of your pets, showing them off at different ages, in different places or with different people. It could even be a single portrait of your pet, accompanied by other pieces, such as their name or another general picture or pet-related phrase. You have a ton of creativity here, so feel free to use it.

Make a Fun Frame

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When hanging art on the wall, the frame can often get as much attention as the art itself. So if you want the picture of your pup or kitten to really shine, you need a great frame. While they can be purchased, why not make your own? You can purchase a plain frame, and fix it up with whatever color or design you see fit.

This should only take a bit of time, will be incredibly cheap and can be a great way to spend your afternoon. Better yet, get your children involved and let them participate in the design or coloring. Of course, if young children are involved, be sure that you are crafting as safely as possible, to avoid injury or other potential emergencies. By the end of it, you will have a beautiful DIY frame that everyone in the family helped to create.

Hang Them on Some Lights

It is becoming quite popular for people to have hanging lights in their rooms. These can be small string lights, slightly larger bulbs on a cord and everything in between. Whether in your living room, or bedroom, these lights can look great and add some nice and subtle lighting to any space. Better yet, they offer a great way to hang pictures of your favorite furry friend.

Of course, the pictures will need to be smaller, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t look incredible. They can be polaroids, smaller developed photos or even a number of handmade drawings from you, your children, or a professional. You can hang them from clips from the lights, or even from some string or another material entirely.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you come up with some great DIY picture hanging ideas for pet portraits.