Zach Deputy Red Moon EP Album Review

Written by: Michael Stegner

The one-man-teddy-bear-band known as Zach Deputy recently released a 5-track EP titled Red Moon. The new project showcases Deputy’s unique style of music that lacks any specific genre while seemingly blending all of the musical genres at the same time. 

The album has positive undertones of sunshine and relaxation as sound clips of crashing waves and chirping birds bridge the gap between tracks. Soothing island melodies encompass the majority of the songs while a soulful element mixes New Orleans style jazz and groovy basslines. Now add some Puerto Rican influence with a touch of Bob Marley. 

Zach Deputy

Are you starting to get the idea? No? Well, that’s probably because Zach Deputy’s music is simply indescribable. This album shows he is capable of playing several instruments and has a versatile voice capable of hitting incredibly high notes like in “It Ain’t Over”, which I would describe as the EP’s most emotional song. 

The song “Open Shore” transports you to a beachside bonfire party just after sunset. The lyrics remind you that things will be alright and there is no need to worry, a theme consistent with all of his music. The very satisfying electric guitar riffs are set over groovy beats to make this a fun and danceable song. 

The EP’s title comes from the final track, “Red Moon”. With a funky bassline and catchy vocals, this track makes for an excellent musical statement to punctuate the entire project. 

Zach Deputy

Overall this EP is very good and a nice addition to Deputy’s discography! It was a bit more emotional and mellow than some of his funkier studio music, although any one of these songs has the potential to be turned into something entirely new in a live setting. 

If you haven’t seen Zach Deputy perform live, I would highly recommend checking him out next time he comes to town. It is one thing to have a polished record that was produced in the studio, but to witness him make these multi-layered songs live on stage is a whole different experience! He’ll have you and the entire room dancing to the point that you forget there is only one person on stage! 

Check out Zach Deputy’s tour dates for a chance to see him soon, and listen to Red Moon on Spotify.