Following a string of two releases in 2015 and 2016 Colorado-based Flaural is set to release Postponement on April 19th. Flaural, made up of Nick Berlin on the drums, Connor Birch on the synthesizer and keyboard, Noah Pfaff on the guitar, and Colin Johnson with vocals and bass is releasing Postponement after a three year period of growth for the band. Marked by both melancholy and inventive psychedelic rock tracks, Postponement delivers some of the best that Flaural has to offer.

Kicking off the album with “Bounders,” Flaural sets the tone for Postponement with entrancing guitar riffs and synthesizer sounds that are guaranteed to make any listener want more.  As the album progresses it quickly becomes clear that Flaural has not just created a great album, but one that flows spectacular well. Included among many great tracks is “1616,” a song about a band member Colin Johnson’s father’s battle with ALS that adds an excellent personal touch to the album.  Along with “1616” another song “The Thinker” stands out as perhaps two of the best songs Flaural has released to date. With each song seamlessly transitioning from one to the other, Postponement takes the listener on a journey that was well worth the three-year wait.

With Postponement, Flaural has created a release that both old fans and new fans alike are sure to love. From start to finish Postponement flows seamlessly in a way that is not seen in many releases nowadays. As easily some of their best work yet fans should be excited for what is to come next from Flaural. For anyone who loves to get lost in an album, Postponement is a must listen. With their mesmerizing psychedelic songs, Flaural is quickly working their way into becoming one of the best indie rock groups Colorado has to offer.