Written by Katie Clayton

The word Xanadu, means “an idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place.” For the listener’s of Box Era’s new EP release, Xanadu could be just about anywhere the music takes you, and it most certainly takes you somewhere.

The four song EP has an ominous quality to it. Their poignant vocals set the stage for an epic quest in search of something, though what that something is, is definitely specific to the listener. Their first track “Feet to the Ground”, sends you on a journey of exhilaratingly up beat sounds accompanied by sweet sedating harmonies from the saxophone and keyboard; making it all too appealing to just grab the person next to you and dance off into dreamland. Mind you this is all in seven minutes!

Their second track “Church Dog” is all about that sultry sax! A sweet cacophony of growling combined with smooth guitar riffs leads to an almost call and response dialogue between the two instruments.

What I really like about this album is that the music really does just make you want to get up and dance. The overall sound is wildly transcending in the sense that I know I’m dancing in my living room but I could just as easily be in a ballroom, an intimate bar setting, or a festival. A heavy jam quality combined with some jazz undertones, Box Era really gives their listeners everything they can in this EP.

The group is kicking off a summer tour this month, starting in their original stomping grounds of College Park, Maryland and continuing all throughout the east coast well into July. Big things are coming from this band and with a little help from their tunes we all just may find our Xanadu because Box Era has “something to say, in a minimal catchy way.”