“We are Swimmer. We are a Rotten Roll band from Burlington, VT. Rotten Roll is a more nuanced way of saying “Rock N’ Roll and other shit.” Other shit is a more nuanced way of saying “jazz, funk, electronica, and other shit.” Please absorb our content.” 

This was the first thing I had ever read about this band just before I started drafting up the questions for this article, however, it sure as hell will not be the last thing I read about them! After reading their responses to my questions, it was evident that I needed to learn more about these dudes and check out their music, and so do you. 

Swimmer is comprised of Joe Agnello (Guitar/Vocals), Cotter Ellis 

(Drums/Vocals), Matt Dolliver (Keys/Sax) and Jack Vignone (Bass/Vocals). They shared some of their tour artwork with us, which is below. They kicked off a WInter Tour on November 30th in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and ends in their hometown for New Year’s Eve in Burlington, Vermont. Check out https://swimmermusic.com/tour/ for more dates near you! 

Jessica: I love the “Rotten Roll” phrase on your website, swimmermusic.com, tell me more about that. 

Did one of you guys think of that or was it a collective idea?

Swimmer:  Well, we’ve always had a hard time classifying our sound. We collectively agree that it’s somewhere along the lines of rock n’ roll, yet more moist, potent and slightly tainted. 

J: Where are your favorite cities to play in?

S: Burlington, VT is our musical home and has been a wonderful place to perform and cultivate a fan base. Boulder, CO has always been good to us and we’ve had a lot fun playing down south. We’re psyched to get down there this December!  

J: Where do you all know each other from?

S: We met in a grimy, rat-infested, dim-lit basement in Plymouth, New Hampshire. It was love at first sight.

J: Who are your musical influences?

S: We love all sorts of stuff, but Frank Zappa is our collective favorite.  We draw a lot of inspiration from his approach to songwriting and dedication to the entertainment aspect of live performances. 

J: What are your goals as a band?

S: Our goal has always been to provide a unique live experience night in and night out, and to always strive to push the envelope. 

J: What made you name yourselves Swimmer? 

S: It’s really up for interpretation, but would certainly make more sense if you’ve ever wandered into a grimy, rat-infested, dim-lit basement in Plymouth, NH.

J: Anything in the works currently?

S: New songs are in the works! We are also prepping for our winter tour, which finds us venturing up and down the east coast. If you live in Virginia, West Virginia or the Carolinas, come check us out! 

J: What is your best show memory as of now?

S: We recently played a Zappa tribute set in Burlington. It was a beautifully chaotic  experience. Also, we are all huge Dopapod fans. It was really special opening up for them in Providence on their 2017 NYE run.