Written by Michael Tucker

Photos by Tyler L. Goble of Zen Focus Photography


I have not been this excited about a show in a good, long while. OK. I do get at least a little giddy every time I make plans to attend a Papadosio show, but the next one I’ll be attending is going to be supercalifragi-special: one of my favorite bands is opening up for my favorite band at the good old 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. My funky friends (and Maryland homies) in LITZ are playing with Papadosio on their fall tour in support of their most excellent, highly thematically relevant album Content Coma, which hits me in the feels in a way that no other Dosio album before it has. Mark your calendars for November 10, 2018 and make your plans to be at this show. Actually, just go ahead and grab your tickets now—before it sells out. You won’t want to miss this one because both hard-working bands have currently reached new levels of excellence in their live performances, and this show, in particular, promises to be an emotional and inspiring evening with a super family feel, one that, I might add, promises to be personally meaningful for me and many others.


I met Nick Thrasher, the outstanding drummer and an exceptional human being, in the audience at a Papadosio show—I think it was at one of the Luna Light festivals—and I’ve seen him and his partner the lovely Noor at countless Dosio events since. I had seen LITZ for the first time at Mad Tea Party Jam 3, and it was cool to connect the dots that Nick from funky LITZ was also a Dosio fan. Since then, I’ve also seen LITZ live countless times, and I’ve watched the guys improve exponentially as they’ve worked as hard as any band out there— even through line-up changes. Now, a tight four-piece with members Austin Litz on vocals, keys, sax, and flute, Logan Litz on bass, Pat Shine on guitar, and Nick Thrasher on drums, LITZ has never sounded better. Their already expansive array of musical styles featuring funk, go-go, and blistering rock now includes some jamtronica/electronic elements, and their live shows have an infectious energy that keeps everyone dancing. When I saw the announcement that LITZ was opening for Papadosio, on some of their Content Coma tour, I was so excited for Nick. His passion for Dosio’s music matches mine, and I knew it had to be a dream come true for him to be opening for his favorite band. I remember being in the audience when LITZ played at the 9:30 Club for the first time when they opened for Twiddle, and I can’t wait to attend this show. It’s going to be a really special one. Both bands have developed fan bases that are truly extended families, and LITZ, because it is a Maryland based band, has an extra-large core of dedicated fans in the DC area; so, this show will be a sort of double family reunion where many of us will be cheering for Nick and the rest of the boys who have worked so hard at making their dreams come true.

Nick Thrasher from Litz

And now, for that other band on the bill: Papadosio have truly outdone themselves with their live shows lately. Always impressive with their creative experimentation, super smooth transitions, palpable good vibes, and juxtaposition of live instruments with technological innovation, the Papadosio guys have reached new heights of brilliance with this most recent tour. I’ve been following them since 2011, and I can say that the shows they’ve been playing recently are, in my opinion, the best that I’ve heard. I last saw them four epic nights in a row at Resonance, but I’ve listened to every show released on Bandcamp since. I utterly cannot wait to experience that Dosio magic again with Tara and a crew of friends in a cool venue full of my favorite people. I can’t wait to see the smile on Nick’s face when Litz takes to the stage—and I hope I also see all your smiling faces at this very special show. I promise you’ll meet some of the nicest people and hear some of the coolest sounds in any universe. So, grab your ticket here while you still can:

Anthony Thogmartin of Papadosio