The funky music of Expansion Project is exploding into the music scene, so if you haven’t heard of them yet, you’re about to! With the release of their album Conscious Tortoise on October 15, it’s obvious that Expansion Project is ready to tell us what they’re all about–raging jams, sassy funk, and instrumental soundscapes the likes of TAUK.  You can currently stream their album for free via Soundcloud, or you can help support the band and buy a hard copy for only $5.  The seven track CD is one of those albums that you can listen to all the way through, enjoying the feeling of being swept into a musical journey.  Catch them live for free and join The Halloween Expansion party this Saturday October 27 at Pub Web in Philadelphia, PA! We were excited to learn more about this emerging group of musical artists and asked them a little bit about themselves and Conscious Tortoise.

Matt, Anthony, Zamere.

When did your band start and who are the members?
Matthew Silva – Keyboards
Anthony Tilotta – Bass
Zamere Williams – Drums
The band started in early 2016 when long time friends Matthew & Anthony decided to work on a new music project. We needed a drummer who had serious dynamic playing abilities because the music we were making covers a variety of genres & styles such as Funk, Jazz, Rock and upbeat dance-y rhythms.  Zamere was our guy!
What would you describe your genre/sound to be?
Jazz Fusion – We stuff jazz and funk into mason jars creating some real thick jams!
Tell me about the recording of this album, where was it recorded and who mastered it?
The album is a culmination of years of hard work starting long before the band got together. The album was recorded at our own rehearsal studio in North East Philadelphia by ourselves with preliminary mixing and editing done by Anthony and then it was further mixed and mastered by Michael Cumming of Rittenhouse Sound Works and Grammy award winning mastering engineer, Phil Nicolo of Studio 4.
Who does most of the songwriting?
A majority of the songs on this album were written by Matthew, but it’s not until the songs are worked out in the studio do they truly come alive and become what they are on the album.
What is your favorite song from this album and why?
Lunar would have to be our favorite track because it touches on all the styles of music that influence us to play. its a funky high energy dance jam that always gets us in the mood to party.
Tell me about your Halloween show, have you played this venue before?
The Halloween Expansion is a new idea the band had, which is to throw a FREE Halloween show with some friends at a venue where we felt really comfortable performing in. Both Matthew and Anthony have played Pub Web extensively over the years with many different bands so it was the perfect location for this show. Halloween is also Expansion Project‘s two year anniversary, so we’re ready to celebrate !
Why do you love Halloween?
Who doesn’t love Halloween? Another excuse to dress up, act a little goofy and share good times with friends… and also listen to Thriller!
What’s the number one reason we can’t miss this show?
First and foremost.. it’s going to be a certified POP OFF! Our live show is a treat for the eyes as much as it is for the ears since we have our very own live video DJ who projects and manipulates visuals throughout our entire set. At this free show there will be giveaways including shirts, stickers and physical copies of the album. Our live shows are where we feel the most free, the ability to express ourselves through improvisation and creativity is where we really shine. Sharing those experience with a crowd is what we live for.