Written by Elise Olmstead

He’s a man of many names and many shades – most of them being tie-dye colored.  He goes by Whiskey ‘Stache, Leaf, and Adam, and is known for playing the washtub bass with an unmatched pizzazz.  It’s no surprise that his very first music festival would be called Leaf Fest and Shenanigan Generator, as Leaf is no stranger to shenanigans.  Taking place at Mizfits Farm in Berkeley Springs, WV, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump for most of us, making it the perfect low-key way to cap off the festival season.

Opals encased in glass by Glass Flo Art

More than a music festival, Leaf Fest has stated his mission for the event to be Anti-Bullying.  So don’t even think about calling someone a yellow bellied sissy pants anywhere near the place. There will be artists and craftspeople, including glass art by BSC Boro, Floyd Cowger and Glass Flo art, cigar box guitars by Dar Stellabotta, tie-dyes by Larry Crane and Jewlz Dyz. Each artist will be creating a unique piece of art specifically for Leaf Fest which will be raffled off before the LITZ set on Saturday.  The proceeds will be donated to an anti-bullying charity.

See the above music schedule to plan for your must-see sets!  Some of our personal must-see bands are of course the psychedelic powerhouses of funk LITZ, the soulful brass band Joe Keyes and the Late Bloomer Band, Jamwich favorites Brokedown Hustlers, recently featured (in our October issue) 18 Strings, and the reuniting of Bat’s Dynamic String Band with CJ Oswald, Leaf, and Andrew Roulette. There will be plenty of sit-ins and collaborations that you won’t want to miss, of course most of the sit-ins being Leaf on his washtub bass.  Andrew Roulette and Brett Noel are also featured as artists-in-large-and-in-charge.

Bat’s Dynamic String Band. Pictured from left: Andrew Roulette, Adam “Leaf” Geschwinder, CJ Oswald. Photo by BK Willis.

This unique event has tons of light-hearted fun in store and shenanigans to generate with friends.  Leaf aims to create a safe environment with friendly faces and lots of giggles, even appearing as his brother “Reef” on Thursday and calling it “Reef Festival and Shenaniramen (like the soup) Generator”! Read the hilarious story below.

Leaf’s brother “Reef”

In Leaf’s own words:

“Leaf Fest is a Family-centric event celebrating you. So many people sacrifice everything in their world to make our scene possible, and consider this show to be your shout out. It takes more than a bunch of knuckle dragging musicians  to make these things go. The artists who sell their dreams for pennies on the hour, the vendors who kill themselves for gas money, the volunteers who are the axle grease, the performers who burn and bruise and starve for our pleasure, the attendees who take off of work and eat ramen noodles and pool gas money.”

Tickets include camping and are only $50 and early arrival on Thursday is $10.  Tickets are only available at the gate. There is a strict no dog policy on Mizfits Farm, which will be enforced, so leave the pup at home. There will be food vendors but you are welcome to bring your own food (and booze).  Don’t forget to pick up an “I PARTIED WITH LEAF’S MOM” bumper sticker to commemorate the weekend. Pack a sweater and some irish coffee and we’ll see you there!

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