Recorded last summer, mixed and mastered in quarantine…

Brooklyn, NY– On Monday June 1, 2020, Cousin Earth will release their new single worldwide for the song, “Bacon, Cat Food & Cheese.”  It will be available on all streaming platforms and accompanied by an absurdist video featuring the individual band members in quarantine. The video debuts 3 days early at Noon on Friday May 29 via Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, along with an audio pre-release on Cousin Earth’s bandcamp.  

The band is also streaming an online zoom meeting dubbed “Bacon, Catfood & Chill” at 8pm on Monday, June 1 via their socials.  Special guests are expected.

The song, clocking in at nearly 8 minutes, showcases all the things fans have come to love about Cousin Earth: layered vocal harmonies, extended improvisation, and humorous lyrics.  “Bacon, Cat Food & Cheese” had recently entered the band’s repertoire juxtaposing a down tempo funk song with an upbeat dance-jam vehicle.  It was also featured in several shows as a quirky but party-hard late set jammer.

The lyrical concept started as an inside joke, that became a meme, that became a ridiculous song about the internal strife of eating a sandwich that could definitely be better.  At a time when so much is uncertain in the world, Cousin Earth took a silly moment from tour and turned it into a metaphor about life that seems all-too-fitting right now.  Without gigs to support them, this zappa-esque project shows no remorse in pointing out the absurdity in our current isolation as a society.

“Bacon, Cat Food & Cheese” was recorded at Call Hollow Studios in Pomona, NY.  The studio is gaining popularity for its facebook live performances showcasing Cousin Earth’s ukulele player Joe Calfa.  Joe streams with his housemates every Saturday at 9pm.  That quarantine side project is entitled “Joe, Ryan, Tash and Dan GO LIVE” and features members of ShwizZ, Bobby Deitch Band, and Dead Meat.

Album credits:Song written by Cousin Earth
Recorded at Call Hollow Studios (Summer 2019)
Engineered by Matthew Einsidler and Ryan Liatsis
Produced by Cousin Earth and Matthew Einsidler
Mixed by Matthew Einsidler
Mastered by Marcel James Mastering