Opera House Live, bringing music and entertainment to Shepherdstown since 1910, is pleased to announce its list of entertainment and events in the month of January 2018  

This month Opera House Live will be hosting two album release parties of two Opera House Live favorites, Ginada Piñata and Of Tomorrow, as well as hosting another beloved live performance of the epic and one-of-a-kind tribute band, Better Off Dead.

Upcoming Events

The Opera House kicks off the month with an exciting dual album release party, hosting Ginada Piñata and Of Tomorrow, two household favorites of Opera House Live.


“Ginada Pinata taps the influences of jazz, funk, rock, fusion, trance and drum and bass, blending them to create an organic vibe that continually entertains and excites audiences…Their drive is to produce a live show which consistently redraws the boundaries of the traditional quartet.”

Ginada Pinata

Learn More : http://www.reverbnation.com/ginadapinata

/   https://www.facebook.com/ginadapinata/


The band Of Tomorrow, “Washington, DC’s finest funk rock reggae samba hip hop musical contraband collective,” will also be releasing their new album, in a night that will be full of new music and dancing!

Learn More : http://www.bandoftomorrow.com / www.facebook.com/bandoftomorrow/

Of Tomorrow

Better Off Dead elevates the notion of a tribute band. “We come at the music collected and lovingly reimagined by The Grateful Dead and The Jerry Garcia Band with the same sense of discovery, care, and exploration as our heroes.” Each time they play Opera House Live, they draw a big and enthusiastic crowd. “Better Off Dead aspires to play the music anew, often with fidelity to the past but just as often with the daring to forge our own path.”

Learn More : http://www.betteroffdeadband.com/

Better Off Dead

About the Opera House

The Opera House was built in 1909 by U.S. Martin, who served as Shepherdstown’s mayor. Within that same year, it was sold to the Musser family who installed one of the earliest motion picture projectors. In 1928 the Opera House became the first motion picture theatre in West Virginia with sound, enabling it to show the newfangled “talkies.” Then, in 2010, Lawrence Cumbo purchased the building and business with a vision to take it to the next level. Since then, this vision has grown into one of the area’s finest music and film venues.