When the dinner is all said and done and you’ve slept off that turkey, it’s just in time for the weekend!  THANK goodness there’s some great music coming at you on Friday Nov 24 right in Uniontown, PA, at Bar None. with some of your favorite bands.  We talked to Stephen Ritenour of Written Hour Productions about what’s in store for this Thanksgiving Hangover Heater!

So, whose idea was it to put together this post-Thanksgiving extravaganza?

It was my (Steve’s) idea. I’ve almost always gone to a show on the day after Thanksgiving. This year I didn’t see anything that interested me, so I figured Written Hour Productions should just throw our own.

How did these bands on the lineup come together?

Tektonic had actually approached TrailHeads a while back about doing a show together in the Pittsburgh area. We were unable to find a venue for the date they had available, so I suggested this date and everything worked out. Fletcher’s came in to the mix because of us working with them at Rock The Yough this past year. It worked out great because Ryan from Fletcher’s is actually from Uniontown and they’ve never gotten the chance to play there. Sundown rounds out the lineup as they’re and up and coming local band that has been making waves in the local scene.

Fletcher’s Grove

What kind of genres are these bands?

Fletcher’s Grove labels themselves as Appalachian Jam Rock which fits them perfectly. They combine your typical jam band sound with song titles and lyrics that ring true to West Virginia and all of Appalachia

Trailheads are a Funk/Prog/Jam Fusion Band. Between funky bass lines, blaring sax solos, and killer guitar riffs all topped off with smooth crisp drums under everything, you just can’t help but to dance.

Tektonic describes themselves as “East Coast Metallic Groove Shit” They’re a three piece that sounds like a ten piece. Synth and guitar driven jam/rock

Sundown is really tough to classify into one genre. They can jump from one genre to the next almost seamlessly. They’re basically a group of local guys who are putting their own spin on the music everybody loves.


If each of these bands were a Thanksgiving food, what would they be?

Fletcher’s is definitely the gravy. Groovy Gravy. After being around the scene for over ten years now they’re a staple in the jam world and at any Thanksgiving Dinner

Trailheads would be the yams…..not just any yams though the funky yams, the ones with the little marshmallows melted on top.

Tektonic is going to be the stuffing. They are always around to fill you up with tasty jams

SunDown would most definitely be the beer to go with dinner. The proof is in one of their recent videos of them destroying some of their cheap gear that got “dad rockers” all over the place heated

Tell me a little about the venue, Bar None, in Uniontown, PA.

Bar None is a newer venue that recently opened in Uniontown. It sits at the intersections of route 119, Route 43, and Route 51, making it east to get to no matter where you’re coming from. It has a full service bar and state of the art house sound and lighting. They host all kinds of events there ranging from comedy shows, band and dj’s, to midget wrestling once.

Tell me a little bit about Written Hour Productions?

Written Hour Productions was started in May of 2017 by brothers Steve and Brandon Ritenour. After putting on Rock The Yough we decided to find a way to put on shows year round. Our first show that we put together was Litz and Trailheads at Falls City Pub in Ohiopyle. After seeing the success of that we’ve been hooked. We have workled with several bands and several local venues now in putting on shows. We want to continue to bring quality entertainment to local venues moving forward.

What’s the perfect Thanksgiving leftover sandwich?

That really depends on how many days past Thanksgiving we are. I’d have to go with shredded turkey, stuffing, MAYBE some celery, cheese, and mayo (or miracle whip if you’re weird)

Will you bringing us any?

I’m sure between the crew at Written Hour and all the bands we can hook everybody up with some leftovers.


RSVP to the Facebook event


Doors at 8 (21+ show)

$7.00 at the door

SunDown 830-930

TrailHeads 945-1045

Fletcher’s Grove 11:00-12:30

Tektonic 12:45-1:45