Press Release: Will Overman Crossroads EP, in stores December 7th


Charlottesville artist, Will Overman, has found himself at a crossroads, both literally and figuratively, professionally and personally. The alt-country/rock/folk singer-songwriter-musician-bandleader recently graduated from the University of Virginia and is releasing his first solo EP on December 7th. He’s also saying farewell to the band that has borne his name over the past several years.

Fans of the Will Overman Band, which since the winter of 2014 has released a full-length album, toured all over the country playing hundreds of shows even with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s original drummer in a dive bar in Black Mountain, North Carolina, will be saddened to hear that band is breaking up.

“WOB’s lineup has fluctuated over the years but I’ve enjoyed each iteration as much as the last and extend my sincerest gratitude to every member I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with,” he says. “I have made a conscious effort to shift my career in a solo direction and come this September, I will release my first solo project since 2013. The title of my upcoming EP is Crossroads,’ and it is without a doubt the most self-reflective work I have released yet.

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