Written by Charles Frank


Discovering Freak Mythology, a four piece from Cincinnati, is a refreshing breath of Americana-embedded alternative rock and roll.  The group, whose debut album by the same name, finds themselves amidst a flurry of a very whole, satisfying sound.  “Freak Mythology” is an eight song collection that is a snapshot of rootsy alt-rock, bolstered by healthy reggae tones, and underlying beautiful harmonies.  The vocals of this band are a tremendous asset, and easily inviting on a listener’s ear.


The record opens with “House Arrest,” a relatable tune about the difficulties of confinement. This lead track has a tapping groove, driven by a pulsating bass and friendly guitar riffs. This worked as a nice foil against the second track, “Haunting Me.”  An immediate call to action, “Haunting Me” sees a harmony chorus join a twangy electric search through instrumentation.  The bass hound, “Wake Up,”  implores listeners to “pick yourself up” and offers other reaffirming synonymities.  Reggae tones continue through “Wake Up,” with a fervent guitar solo over breaks at its conclusion.


The party peaks with “Surge,” a hypnotic low end piece.  The band invokes a California beach progressive sound on this incendiary, eerie thumper.  An all instrumental rendering, “Surge” was a personal preference on the record.  “Get Goin’” sees a harmonica outro, exemplary of the group’s numerous capabilities to transform sound.  The harmonies shine on “Headed Out” as well, a lingering ballad which describes one’s will to move on.


A question to us all, “Where Does the Time Go” rises and falls with breaks and crashes, painting an introspective portrait for listeners to consider.  The last two minutes see some serious solo play before the album moves to its final thought, an acoustic sing along entitled “Oh Sweet Ganja.”  An acoustic guitar line and tambourine help this diddy remind listeners that after all, “Oh Sweet Ganja gonna carry you home.”  Celebratory and relatable, Freak Mythology wraps on its overlying ability to connect people through song.


This is an uplifting record, delivered in several well packaged entities.  The diversity of Freak Mythology’s alternative sound bleeds through each of the eight songs, and is easy to enjoy.