Festival Preview

Alchemy Rising Music and Arts Festival

May 12-14, Medina, OH

Article by Ciara Campbell

Alchemy Rising is a music and arts festival like no other. This year’s event, held in Medina, Ohio from May 12-14, will offer intimate workshops, art exhibits, a gallery, live painters and much more. Of course it is a music festival, and top acts include Zach Deputy, Desert Dwellers, Aqueous, and Consider The Source. I recently had the chance to speak with Jim Garibaldi, the festival’s organizer, to get to know a little more about the event.

What is, in your own words, Alchemy Rising?
Alchemy Rising is a conscious gathering of like minded people who celebrate music, art, learning, community, and more! We have a special focus on workshops, and hope that attendees grow as people!
What’s the hardest part of organizing a festival? The easiest/most rewarding?
One of the hardest parts of throwing a festival is trying to pick who will be involved. There are so many qualified, bands, performers, teachers, artists, etc, but we can only have a select few! The most rewarding part of the festival is seeing people enjoy themselves, and hearing them describe how much fun they have!
What can fans expect from this year’s festival?
They can expect to witness some seriously amazing music, and art! We create a vibe intended to get our attendees to engage!
Any tips for first timers?
Come prepared! Make sure you have everything you need for a full weekend of camping.
Well, there you have it. Right now General Admission tickets are on sale for $65 and that includes entry and camping for the whole weekend (Fri-Sun). There is no additional charge for parking and you can purchase your tickets at http://alchemyrisingfestival.com/. We’ll see you out there on May 12! Don’t forget your tent 😉