Written by: Jack O’Handley
Kung Fu is a powerhouse super group from New Haven, CT.  At least three of the five members sing and each player is pro level on his instrument.  So they stopped in Columbus last night, and blew the roof off Woodlands Tavern.  I arrived a little late and only got to see the second set, which was all Steely Dan tunes, played precisely like the album versions.  This tour is called the Fez Tour, one set Kung Fu and one set Steely Dan.  As a huge Steely Dan fan, I really enjoyed hearing the songs being played proficiently and the solos just as you hear them on the albums.  The first high point was Kid Charlemagne.  Someone came over and hugged me as the song began and then Tim busted out the solo note for note, even with the whammy bar ending like the studio version.  The Fez was another highlight for that set, with all three frontmen singing in unison, “I wanna be your Holy Man.”  Black Cow was great, and the Sax, Bass, and Guitar took turns singing lead on each song they played.

One of the cool things about this show was there weren’t any breaks or time lapses between songs.  Right as one song would end the drummer(who is bad to the bone and resembles a lumberjack) would click his sticks and the band would start the next song.  I’ve seen a lot of bands in Woodlands, but Kung Fu is one of the best in the business.  One of the last songs was Reeling in the Years, Tim Palmieri sung ad-libbed lyrics about Columbus and something about the bass player’s weekend in the College.  The place was packed, and everyone was enjoying themselves.  It was like one big family last night, young and old listening to this great band bust out Steely Dan tunes as if they’d been playing them their whole lives.  Cheers to Kung Fu, and many thanks to the players who gave us a night we’ll never forget!
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Set 1 (Original Fu):
Daddy D
Speed bump of your love
Chop Suey

Set 2 (Steely Dan):
I Got The News
Black Cow
King Of The world
Your Gold Teeth 2
Kid Charlemagne
Hey 19
The Fez>
Green Earrings
Reelin’ In The years

Chin Music
My Old School