The 10 Bands You Can’t Miss at Suwannee Roots Revival

Oct 13-16, 2016, Live Oak, FL

By Ashley Feller



In two weeks the celebration will begin at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak Florida. From miles around music farmers and lovers alike will pack their coolers, load up their most intact camping gear, hire a pet sitter, grab their instruments and get on the road for the first ever Suwannee Roots Revival. They’ll be ready for a memorable weekend of extraordinary music, camping, fun, and a fair amount of debauchery. The Roots Revival is sure to be a turning point in everyone’s musical journey.

The Schedule was recently announced and you may be pondering how to map out your weekend of fun. Here’s a compiled list of the band’s you can’t afford to skip while at Suwannee Roots Revival. Realistically, you shouldn’t miss anyone on this amazing line up but you can’t be everywhere at once!

  1. Quartermoon

    Thursday Amphitheater Stage 4:00PM

Friday-Music Hall Stage 5:30PM

Start at the Amphitheater stage with the opening act Quartermoon of Gainesville Florida. Founding members John and Raven Smith sing together harmoniously and always have a stellar ensemble of pickers joining them.  If you’re a fan of Steve Earl, or maybe Emmylou Harris, this is the band for you. Quartermoon is an important part of The Spirit of the Suwannee’s history from hosting the Bill Monroe Shrine at Magnolia Fest, and Springfest for the past several years. The Bill Monroe Shrine is a place where pickers can come together and jam while not enjoying the music the stage offers.


  1. Sloppy Joe

Thursday, Dance Stage 5:30

Friday, Open Jam Music Farmer’s Stage 12:30

Friday, Porch Stage 6:00

Hailing all the way from Wisconsin, Sloppy Joe is always a festival favorite for all.  Their first set is on the Dance Stage at 5:30. Sloppy Joe is a group of five multi-instrumentalists and songwriters who bring their own brand of music to the table, better known as Slopgrass. You’ll be amazed how effortlessly the band switches instruments and shines in a multitude of ways. Sloppy Joe has hosted “Slopryland” one of the most amazing campsites in the park for many years at both Magnolia Fest and Spring Fest.  Not only is Slopryland visually astounding but it’s the haven for all the late night pickers to find a spot and form jam sessions. It’s no secret, the music heard in Slopryland is some of the best you’ll ever hear while camping. Not arriving till Friday? No problem, their second set is Friday on the Porch stage starting at 6:30.


  1. Nikki Talley

Friday, Amphitheater Stage 11:00 AM

Saturday, Music Hall Stage 10:00 AM

Saturday, Porch Stage 3:00PM


On Friday morning at 11am head over to the Amphitheater stage to see the songbird Nikki Talley. Nikki Talley and Jason Sharp are a strong duo from the Asheville area and are currently touring bringing their beautiful music all over creation. Talley’s vocals are strong and powerful and also exhibit sweet subtlety in carefully nuanced phrasing. Jason Sharp’s guitar playing compliment’s the songs perfectly with every tasteful solo.  Also be sure to catch their Music Hall on Saturday at 10am which will be featuring songs and tales from the road.


  1. Donna Hopkins and Ralph Roddenbery

Friday Music Hall Stage 1l:30 AM

Friday Amphitheater Stage 3:30 PM

Saturday Music Hall Stage 7:00PM


Ralph Roddenbery and Donna Hopkins also on the Amphitheater stage starting at 3:30. If it’s a powerhouse set you are after, this is the place for you. Donna Hopkin’s sultry voice is one of the greatest in Atlanta. Ralph Roddenbery is also one of the most talented southern songwriters and always delivers a positively charged high energy set. The two both shine in their own ways but are sure to shine even brighter in this collaboration.


  1. Jim Lauderdale and Verlon Thompson

Saturday, Music Hall Stage 11:30AM


Jim Lauderdale and Verlon Thompson are two of the finest songwriters in the industry today. Both have their own style of storytelling and musical delivery but are sure to come together for an unforgettable intimate set. Jim Lauderdale’s most recent album This Changes Everything is the perfect collection of quality songwriting and personality. Verlon Thompson one of the most seasoned songwriters on the scene and never fails to impress audiences. Thompson performed for many years with the recently deceased musical legend Guy Clark.  Jim Lauderdale also plays with Donna the Buffalo on Saturday at 4pm on the dance stage. Also, make sure to catch Thompson’s solo set at 3:30 Saturday on the Amphitheater Stage.  Both songwriters perform Sunday on the Amphitheater stage.


  1. Jon Stickley Trio

Saturday, Amphitheater Stage 5:00PM

Saturday, Dance Stage 11:45PM


The Jon Stickley Trio combines the talent of Jon Stickley, Lyndsay Pruett , and Patrick Armitage. This instrumentally driven progressive band from Asheville is known for their virtuosity. The Jon Stickley trio knows no musical boundaries and is always an endearing band to watch. Their musical fusion combines gypsy jazz, progressive bluegrass, and many other diverse genres.


  1. Sam Bush

Saturday, Amphitheater Stage 10:30PM


This is the only chance to see Sam Bush, so do not skip out on this set! Sam Bush is one of the founders of Newgrass music and has pioneered and influenced a generation of young musicians. Not only is Sam Bush famous for his bright mandolin and fiddle playing but his band is also of equal talent. Be prepared to be completely entertained by some of the best new grass you will ever hear. Hopefully, the set will include songs from Bush’s newest album Storyman.


  1. Peter Rowan

Saturday, Amphitheater Stage 7:00PM

Sunday, Amphitheater Stage 1:30PM


Peter Rowan is a songwriter’s songwriter. He’s always able to paint the perfect picture through song. Dating back to his days as a Bluegrass Boy in Bill Monroe’s band he has developed a sound all his own which takes on many different musical styles. Whether it’s a bluegrass set or if it’s a Reggae set any music played by Peter Rowan is top notch. His high vocals are unmistakable and leave shivers down your spine.


  1. Big Cosmo

Sunday, Amphitheater Stage, 11:00 AM


Big Cosmo also known as Randy Judy is the co-creator of Magnolia Fest and Suwannee Springfest which took place in the Spirit of the Suwannee Music park up until this year. With Beth Judy, the two creative’s planted the seeds which became the roots for one of the most loved southern music festivals to date. Big Cosmo’s band always includes an all-star ensemble that delivers the best Americana music which often promotes a message of unified love and peace.


  1. Leftover Salmon

Friday, Amphitheater Stage, 12:15AM

Saturday, Amphitheater Stage 12:30AM

Leftover Salmon plays two late night sets. This classic Colorado Jam band has over a 20-year history of bringing people together to enjoy their own flavor of progressive bluegrass. Their perpetual jamming will bring music fans of all ages to their feet for the perfect dance party under the stars.


The remainder of the lineup is outstanding, the best mix for a first-year festival.  Leave your campsite and soak up as much music as possible. The Spirit of the Suwannee Music park is rich in music and tradition. Come be a part of reviving our roots from festivals in days gone by. Let the music take your soul and deliver you where there is love, which will always be in the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. The Festival begins October 13th. Tickets are for sale on the festival website, as well as at the festival gate.  The park can also be reached via email or phone call to make campsite reservations.  So prepare yourself for an unforgettable weekend. See you at Roots Revival on October 13th.