Universal Sigh — Exclusive preview of their single “Golden Lotus” to preview debut album Atoms & Void

Athens based rock band Universal Sigh is set to release their first studio album Atoms & Void May 3rd. The quartet has released a free download of their exclusive single “Golden Lotus” as a glimpse into the submersive catalog offered within Atoms & Void.

Golden Lotus” takes the listener on a psychedelic journey through quixotic musical vistas, seemingly inspired by bands like Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Radiohead.

Universal Sigh is currently on their CD release tour visiting cities all over the southeast, including Asheville, Knoxville, Savannah, Augusta. The first leg of their tour will end with the much anticipated album release show at Nowhere Bar in downtown Athens, Georgia on Friday, May 6th. Make sure to show up early for surprise CD giveaways and who knows what other shenanigans!?



     Athens based rock band Universal Sigh will release their first album, Atoms and Void, on May 3rd, 2016. The 8 track album was recorded in Atlanta, GA’s Fractal Sound Studio. Atoms & Void strikingly blends art rock, funk, high energy dance music, and soulful blues into melodic compositions. The debut album explores the concept of impermeability through encompassing lyrics and articulating contrasting genres through rhythmic diversity and rich harmonic landscapes. From beginning to end, the listener is left with a sense of inspiration and wonderment. The Sigh has been crafting their sound for over 4 years now and could not be more thrilled to launch their debut studio album.

    Atoms & Void Tracklist

                       1.     If Time Allows
                       2.     Hopsecutioner
                       3.     Golden Lotus
                       4.     Partials
                       5.     Atoms & Void
                       6.     Marcus Mayhem
                       7.     Just Peachy
                       8.     Threshold

Atoms & Void Release Party

    Universal Sigh will be hosting an album release party for Atoms and Void onMay 6th, at Nowhere Bar in Athens, Georgia. Nifty Earth will be opening the festivities. Arrive early to secure your spot on the dance floor. Giveaways and special guests TBA!

About US

Universal Sigh is a high energy, metamorphic rock show. Hailing from Athens, GA the foursome features a two-guitar attack and driving rhythm section, producing versatile music which reflects a deep fondness for artists such as Radiohead, Snarky Puppy, and Umphrey’s McGee. Influenced by a myriad of musical styles, the quartet has crafted a diverse catalog, which includes both lyrical tunes and instrumental arrangements. Each song is a voyage, with harmonious melodies soaring through epic peaks and dramatic descents into electrifying funk grooves. Fluid and dynamic, the Sigh is equipped with an abundance of compositions to energize any musical atmosphere.

Universal Sigh’s guitarist and drummer Pace and Jones Maynard, developed together as young musicians playing long hours in their parents’ basement. In high school, Jones met songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Terry, and the two took playing together like fish to water. The expansive music scene in Athens paved the way for the band to meet Austin Parker, a soulful vocalist with a love for laying down the bass. Pace, Steve, Jones, and Austin have been at the forefront of all song writing and live performances. However, the band frequently collaborates original music with special guests, including full brass sections, percussion, and guest vocalists. Their openness allows every show to be a special surprise.

May 2016 promises the anticipated release of Universal Sigh’s first album,Atoms & Void. While improvisation is a staple component of the live show,Atoms & Void displays a thoughtfulness to innovatively diversify arrangements of rock songs, blues tunes, and futuristic jazz alike. The debut album explores the uncanny nature of song structure and provides lyrical content inspired by the turmoil and beauty of the human condition. The Sigh presents Atoms & Void as a material extension to connect the listener to the inherent music within every being.