The Incendia Domes Experience

by Amanda Morgan

photos courtesy of Incendia


The amazing and awe-inspiring geodesic domes known as Incendia will be coming to a number of festivals near you this year, including our very own Mad Tea Party Jam, and you will most definitely want to check them out. These inflamed canopies are the product of genius design and the manipulation of a unique fire capture technique, so that the roof is literally aswirl with dancing inverted flames. Walking into one of these spaces is like walking into a new world of sensory experience, alchemical fire, and otherworldly magic. A celebration that is at once invigorating and reviving is forged.

The creative mastermind behind Incendia is none other than the infamous Cory Glenn, hailing from Athens Georgia. A man who has long been fascinated with fire, Glenn has continued to find new ways to play with flame in adulthood. “The original spark came from Alchemy 2012,” says Glenn, referring the regional Georgia Burning Man event. “The elements and the trademark overhead ceiling fire and inversion effect was imagined after building the effigy in 2012. The whole process has been gradual, yet lighting fast. We started on a very small scale. We took a piece from that effigy and basically used it to create the flaming effects. We mounted it in a small geodesic dome about the size of a tent. Every time we set it up at a different event we would increase its size. We started with some of our smaller domes and then quickly expanded. Last summer we increased the size and number domes, accumulating to what you see now. We have no intention of slowing down.”


The layout includes one giant 50’ foot diameter dome which towers into the air like a giant bubble sparkling with fiery warmth. It is surrounded and connected to smaller auxiliary domes creating different spaces for different vibes. Each dome has its own mood or theme, accentuated by different massive works of art creating a sense of wonder and newness as one wanders throughout the installation. The center dome provides space for nearly 300 people and comes equipped for high quality sound needs, complete with a suspended DJ booth that has the mechanics needed for headlining musical acts or airy ambient sounds. Additionally, the center dome comes equipped with a state of the art pentagonal bar with a mirror top finish that reflects the flames from the ceiling above, adding to the fiery enchantment.

Glenn works with diverse group of builders, describing them as a rather motley bunch. “Independently it could never happen, but with untold hours of volunteer time from great friends who are now colleagues, we’ve been able to create what you see now. We have a core crew of about 10 builders but there are around 50 involved in the overall creating and funding. We try to always bring in new people.” Despite the presumed risk involved, the team has made it extremely safe, and has been able to secure quite a hefty insurance policy.

Incendia is available to those in need of an exotic event space and can act as a calm, one of a kind music venue prime for an all night dance party, spacious sanctuary, or an incredibly fancy place for a dinner party.

“Last summer was a whirlwind. Our number one priority was creating the installation and worry about infrastructure and logistics. At this state in our progression we’ve streamlined our deployments and are now focusing on our transport and set up times. Were now focusing on expanding our fan base and branching out of our region and original audience to bring fire to new places and events around the country,” says Glenn. “The instillation build becomes faster at every event as we all become more familiar with the process. There are about 6000 individual pieces to the system.”

You might be wondering how it’s possible for a ceiling to safely be covered in glowing seas of rapid conflagration without being quickly devoured by heat. The technique that fuels Incendia is derived from the perfection of form that lies in the geodesic shape of the domes paired with the scientifically magic nature of fire. “Essentially what we do is we catch a flame beneath a fire proof ceiling causing it to scavenge for oxygen which creates that rolling, mesmerizing, organic visualization. It’s elegantly simple yet difficult to execute,” explains Glenn. The effect is safely created through the manipulation of fire near its zenith, or most powerful point of heat. Combusting gas is captured beneath the fire proof ceiling creating an undulating flames that pulse and move and delight those below with the bewitching glow.

The rapid growth of the installation has required the team to adapt, according to Glenn. They use overhead cranes to lift the ceiling 20 feet in the air, but according to Glenn the extra difficulty is worth the reward. “The split second awe when people first see Incendia is my favorite part of what we do. It’s rare for people to be completely transported away from their constant stream of thought to that moment of wonder and bliss. I love standing by the front door and watching people walk up and experience amazement.”

So where can you experience this amazement in the coming months? The Incendia crew is fresh off a great spin at Flame Festival and will be bouncing around the Southeast quite a bit as well as venturing north a few times. The main goal this year is tapping into the music festivals. You can catch these amazing instillations at Mad Tea Party Jam as well as Kinnection Campout. Incendia will also be throwing their own festival near the end of July in North Carolina called Fire in the Triangle, with their full installation. “We’re really excited to create our own weekend long event,” says Glenn. “We also have a few other things in the works, that I’m not at liberty to discuss just yet, but stay tuned and keep an eye on our website for upcoming events throughout the next year.
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