Artist Renee Weber

Exclusive Interview: From the Archives

by Elise Olmstead

I met Renee Weber, aka Ren Nae Kah, outside of a Manifest event in Baltimore. She was full of smiles and hugs for everyone, and has been so each time we have seen each other again. Brimming with energy, love, and spirituality, Renee never stops creating. She can be seen live painting at Baltimore events and also quietly painting at home with her family. A pioneer of portraits and surrealism on the live painting scene, her art is instantly recognizable and as attractive as her smile.  Renee Weber will be painting with the live artists at The Mad Tea Party Jam, be sure to check out her art in the gallery. 

Where are you from? How do you think where you grew up affected how you turned out as an adult?

* I was born in Baltimore on January 19th, 1980 and grew up in Bel Air, Maryland. When I was little we lived on a farm before we moved to a neighborhood when I was 5.  I was always surrounded by lots of friends and family and I keep it that way now.


Where do you live now?

* I try to always live in the now.


Tell us about your family? Siblings?

* Kai is about to turn 14 and is all about his long boarding. EliJah is 11 and the lacrosse king. Willah is 5, she is my moonbeam, so smart and artistic.They all are. My Mo (mama), is one of my best friends. Papa was a carpenter and musician and has passed on.  Aaron and Katie just had my nephew Judah, my roaring lion.  Mo and I gave birth to Kai and Tara, my baby sis,  the same year. It has been a blessing to watch them all grow up together.  I am very grateful.


What’s your favorite band and why? What music gets you going creatively?

* Hands down The Beatles. The Beatles are the soundtrack to my life. I have major roots in reggae and blue grass but also have an obsession with electronic music. I have always gone to as many shows as possible. I love music as much as I love art. Music feeds my creativity.


What was your first show?

* My first big show was at Gallery 788 in Baltimore, with my best friend Erica, a.k.a. Artfisch.


What shows/events can we catch you at in the future?

*I will be at Black Rock City, Manifest, Evolver, PEX, Mischief, One Bus One Love, and Freeform. I will be painting with the artists Telesma, Plaeground, Segway and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. I am part of Say Kah and will be at our yearly phamilly burn, Harmony Arts Jamboree, and whatever else we get into. I am also working on a grant to do a mural in Frederick, Maryland.


Do you vend at festivals/shows? 

* Every year I vend at Karma Fest and when I am live painting, my art is for sale.


What makes you smile?

* I smile a lot.


What grinds your gears?

* LUKE……   ha.


Describe yourself in three words:

* Evah so Clevah.


Were you always artistic or did something bring on the desire to create?

* Ever since I could hold a crayon I have been making art. I took a Japanese brush stroke class with my grandmother when I was really little and started going to an art classes called Creative People when i was 5. I have been taught so many different kinds of art. I have never stopped creating a very big spectrum of different art forms.


Why do you think art/creativity is necessary to society?

                   * Earth without art is just eh……


Who/what is your inspiration, where do you find inspiration?

                   * Art helps me work through things in my life. It is my therapy, my meditation. It is a reflection of my soul and helps me learn to know myself. My inspiration is to express my journey in this life. Art is how I heal my wounds.


What artists have inspired you?

                   * Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt and Alex Grey are the ones who affected me most but I am always seeing new artists who are blowing my head wide open.


Tell me about your creative process.

                   * I have daily visions of unbirthed art. I see the piece complete before bringing the vision into reality.


What are you working on currently, what are your plans for the future?

                   * I have been doing a lot of live painting and ((( RebEARTH ))) a project where i bring skeletons back to life. In 2013 I will be starting 12 portraits of my strong beautiful sistahs  ((( Warrior WOMBan )))  done on local harvested wood with hand made inks.


What do you do for fun besides create?

                   * Play with my kids and soul pham.  Dance. Travel. Nature.


Is art your only career or do you also have another career?

* Yes.


What is the most defining moment in your life this past year?

*This entire year was all defining moments, it has been crazy, and amazing… a giant roller coaster..


What is your view on life, i.e. the meaning you see behind it?

* ((((LOVE)))). I believe that we are all one, all connected and that anything your mind can see can be manifested into this world. We create our universe.


Where can we buy/order your creations?

                   *Catch me at a show or contact me at