by Elise Olmstead

Aura Music Festival returns to Spirit of the Suwannee Park for its sixth year in 2015.  This East Coast festival often marks the beginning of the festival season and is a welcome respite for music fans everywhere.  Even here in Appalachia, tons of people plan their trip to Aura and make the haul down to Florida to celebrate.  Their lineup always has tons of favorite bands and genres, like jamtronica, jam, and funk.  Besides the music, there is always a slew of workshops, art, and good vibes.

Ketchy Shuby caught our eye as a band that we have not yet explored, mostly likely being from sunny Miami, Florida.  Aura is a great place for music fans from up north to see more bands that are local to Florida.  Ketchy Shuby’s soulful eclectic sound is a great supplement to our usual jam palette.  We talked with JayJoHero, who is also doing a DJ set at the Silent Disco at Aura.

Check out what day/time Ketchy Shuby is playing by looking at the daily schedule.

Did the name Ketchy Shuby come from the Peter Tosh song? Why did you choose this name for your band?

Yes it did,  it’s still one of our favorite songs about doing it!

How would you describe your sound?  Your sound is unique compared with many bands on the festival scene right now. 

I would describe our sound as Miami Soul, Downtown Soul, Tropisoul or just Soul music from Miami, Florida. I think we might be the only soul band in Aura, Though FUSIK’s sound is pretty close but funkier.

Who has influenced your current musical sound? 

We all have our own influences but as band we love classic groups like The Impressions, The Parliaments, Otis Redding, Baby Huey and shit like that. We also like newer stuff like Budos Band, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields, The Olympians & Menahan Street Band, Antibalas.

Did you guys grow up in Miami or did you move there recently?  How did you all meet?

I grew up in Miami, Charles & Mikey are from North Carolina, Matt is from New York, and Rob is from Ft.Lauderdale, but Rob, Matt & I were raised here! We all met about a decade ago and Rob, Charles and Mike were playing in a band called Lights Down Low. They were doing a cover of Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” at some wine bar and BOOM! We have been inseparable since.

Tell us a bit about the Miami music scene.

Miami is nice, there are lots of cool bands and supportive people, can’t really complain.

What do you enjoy about playing festivals? Do you have a few favorite?

The whole vibe is just always exciting, and it’s also like a playground for musicians or just people in general. There’s a big sense of freedom you feel whether you’re camping, staying in a hotel, or just roaming around listening to live music, it’s pretty wild!

I loved Bear Creek w/ Budos Band last year. Those guys invited me up and we definitely partied and had the greatest time.

It’s awesome to be part of the Aura family and to be performing this year, Cool to see this young festival flourish.

III Points Festival is also an amazing festival and that involves art and technology, love those guys too.

 Why are you looking forward to playing AURA? Can we expect you to sit in with any bands?

Aura and Spirit of Suwannee is just a tight vibe and cool experience, so were stoked to be part of it!

Ha ha maybe we’ll be sitting in with some bands! Maybe with Lather up, or with FUSIK , maybe Bedside. Or The Heavy Pets! Who knows man, we’re letting the vibe lead us!

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