Jakob's Ferry Stragglers-- Appalachian Bluegrass band

The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers

The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers are bringing the Appalachian Bluegrass to Dante’s Bar in Frostburg, Maryland, on April 5th, 2019, with Day Old News.

“The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers are a daring and talented young bunch, and I can only hope that the manage to reach out and unite the bluegrass and old-time communities as easily as their music does.”-Bluegrass Unlimited.

The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers’ sometimes driving (sometimes tender) songs focus on telling a story through either words or beautiful picking. The band members hail from the mountains of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland, and the small towns that always go hand-in-hand with the mountains. Their uniquely Appalachian voice tells stories of Appalachian struggles in life and love, while their strong voices and beautiful harmonies paired with the picking of the mandolin and driving rhythm creates a masterful listening experience.

The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers pride themselves on mixing many influences, like old-time, bluegrass, rockabilly, and swing, to make their own style and give show-goers a strong performance. The band is made up of Gary Antol on vocals and guitar; Libby Eddy on the fiddle and vocals; Ray Bruckman on the mandolin, fiddle, and vocals; Evan Bell on the upright bass; and Jody Mosser on the dobro and vocals.

The band was founded by Antol and Eddy in 2014 and they have been making music and performing around the country ever since. Their self-proclaimed goal is to write good songs, honor the music, and take it to the road.

The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers-- Appalachian Bluegrass

The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers


Throughout their career, the Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers have played at festivals like The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Oak Hill, NY, the Sleepy Creek SpringDig, and the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. They have also opened for bands like Larry Keel, the Steep Canyon Rangers, and Jeff Austin. They have release three albums: “The Lane Change,” “White Lightning Road,” and their most recent album from 2018, “Poison River.” You can see our review of “White Lightning Road” here.

Their openers for the show, Day Old News, also find their roots in bluegrass, old-time, and Americana folk music. They are a local band from Frostburg, made up of members Jeremie Hamilton, Tom Bond, and Sam Lauber. They’re also immersed in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland and surrounded by Appalachian culture, making them a good fit for the Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers’ show.

The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers will be playing at Dante’s Bar, which is a live music venue and bar right in Frostburg, Maryland. Dante’s has live music every Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. The performance space is intimate, with a 175-person capacity.

For more information, here is JFS’ Facebook and website, and Dante’s Facebook and website.

Written by Marilyn Creager