Subterranean House Band “What I Need” LIVE at May Daze Music Festival




I don’t think I will ever forget the first time I saw the band Phish. I was 13 years old and standing outside of Nectar’s in Burlington, Vermont. Some friends and I had snuck out for a late night bike ride that took us from the small town of Colchester to the small city of Burlington. It was cold, we were careless, and we wanted gravy and fries! While we were ordering, Phish broke into “Take the ‘A’ Train” by Duke Ellington with special guest Jeff Friedberg on Sax. This video elicits the same response I felt that night upon hearing that set.

Just imagine, you’re 13 years old, miles from home, milling around in front of a bar on a 25 degree night in downtown Burlington, Vt. and hearing what feels like the first time you’d ever heard a saxophone played properly. Of course you can also include that burning sensation in your mouth from a box of hot fries and gravy of Nectar’s fame but I don’t think that’s necessary here. What is necessary is understanding the whole feel of that evening, it was the kind of magic that only comes with shrugging off the confinement of your childhood and exploring sights, sounds, textures and tastes based from choices that were solely your own.

As soon as I started listening to this video from Subterranean House Band out of Dayton, Ohio Danny Sauers sax drew me in like a lightshow does a spun out wook on Panic lot. The bass line Chuckie Love throws down gets my foot tapping and Chris Coalt’s guitar puts me in a hypnotic state placing any apprehension I may have had in the backseat of a car headed for Albuquerque. Rob Brockman keeps the drumming dynamic and as usual Dayton, Ohio brings the funk…PERIOD! I don’t know what it is about that town but it seems like funk is in the tap water.

If you get the chance, check out more of these guys when they come through your town. Heaven knows if they bring this kind of dance party to each show it won’t be long until all of your friends insist you come along to the party with them!


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