What does the music you support stand for?

words by BNiz – photos by Ryan Neeley and Roger Gupta



I have been going to shows for as long as I care to remember.  At a show the other day, I had someone ask me what kind of music I like. My standard reply to this question is, “Live music,” but this particular time I put thought into the question.  My stock answer simply isn’t true.  I do love live music, but not ALL live music.  I delve into all sorts of music, pop, gangsta rap, jam, bluegrass, classical, the list goes on.

I find that live rap doesn’t do it for me unless there is one smoking band behind said rappers. I have never really been able to get into much jazz, and I am definitely not into death metal. With these things in mind, I re-evaluated what sort of music I get into. With the variety of genres I listen to, what is the common thread that attracts me?


Warren Haynes

That question perplexed me for a few hours that evening. Why is it that one night, I check out the blues scene, the next I hunt out some bluegrass, and the next I find myself toe tapping to a hard rock band? What do these guys have in common? The answer hit me in the face. I like anyone who celebrates life. I support bands that create a scene of people who love to celebrate being alive.

Al Schnier from moe.

Al Schnier from moe.

Upon thinking about it more, I also noticed that the interaction between band members means as much to me as the music they play.  A group of true friends on stage can not be faked.  The vibe they produce when they play together can make the difference between a good set and an epic one.

Not everyone out there likes the same things that I do, which is why there are so many flavors out there for us to enjoy. Whether you are an industrialist or a naturalist, there is music out there that supports your way of life. I ask you to find it and support it.  Doing so will help you find your place in life and bring you a fulfillment you might not have dreamed of.  Hope to see you at the next show.