theCAUSE-5_4_13 (78)
theCAUSE at the Thunderbird Cafe


written by Ryan Delaney

US blues
Saint of circumstance
El Paso
That’s what Love  will make u do
Hard 2 handle
Expressway 2 ur Love
Friend of the devil
On the road again
Run 4 the roses
Eyes of the world



There are few Saturday night’s I look forward to more than the Saturday night’s I get to spend enjoying the musical bliss created by Pittsburgh’s hardest working jam band theCAUSE.  Music is a centerpiece in my life, a calming force to counteract the chaos life throws my way and theCAUSE always seem to help create the perfect recipe to calm the seas and restore order when chaos is running rampant.

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With Eric “Pappy” Weingrad on guitar, Professor Dave Tauberg on bass, Mike “Tourpro” Tony on the keys, the lovely Jill Simmons on vocals, with the ‘master of sound’ Mike South pounding the skins, theCAUSE are an amazing combination of musical styles and influences.  While they rely heavy on the Grateful Dead catalog, the expansive knowledge of music they share takes the entire evening into directions one never imagined.  And this “Star Wars Theme” show on “Free Comic Book Day” certainly lived up to expectations before the first set was even over.  The moment the first notes of the night hit the air, I knew tonight we were in for a treat.  Professor Dave rarely gets to test his vocal cords out on the first song, but tonight “US Blues” was his canvas, and as always, the Professor painted a masterpiece.  The magic only continued to build as the band powered its way through a beautiful “Saint Circumstance” and a knee slapping rendition of “El Paso”

That’s when it was time for the amazingly stupendous epically awesome Jill Paeone Simmons to take center stage, and again prove why theCAUSE will never be just a boy’s club.  With amazing grace and incredible soul, “What Love Will Make you Do” and “Hard to Handle” filled the air with thunderous energy and incredible amounts of joy.  The dance floor might have been a bit empty as the show began, but know with Jill’s ear pleasing harmonies and that searing guitar work form Pappy, there was quickly little room left to dance big

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But dance big we managed for the night was even CLOSE to being over yet nor was Jill done moving our minds and spirits, as the band ceased all sounds, giving Jill full attention as she beautifully rang in “Friend of the Devil” to the Thunderbird Café.  This by far is one my FAVORITE renditions of a Grateful Dead classic theCAUSE do.  FOTD has always been one of my favorite songs, and the original take theCAUSE do here, with Jill going a capella to  start things off just gives this song a layer of beauty unseen before.  When I first witnessed this spectacle, I was simply blown away.  Even now, as the shocks worn off, I still feel my soul moved and my heart beaming a little brighter.

Like any good Dead show, though, theCAUSE sprang from soulful and beautiful right back into straight in your face rock ‘n’ roll as the set moved its way forward, through a foot stomping ‘On the Road Again” which was dedicated to a local fan named Joe who had just recovered from a major car accident and was FINALLY able to come shake his bones!  The tempo continued as the band launched its way into “Run for the Roses”, transcending into “Cassidy” and morphing its way into a crowd pleasing, soul satisfying, brain melting “Eyes of the World”

And that was just the FIRST set.  After a short twenty minute break, the band climbed its way back up on stage, heads cleared thanks to the fresh air, and picked up their tools of mind expansion to carry the evening past midnight into the wee hours of the morning, with everyone dancing and grooving to the beat.  Much like the first set, the second set of the evening started off with a  bang, starting off with “Help on the Way > Slipknot!” that made everyone leap to their feet and immediately start grooving as if the first set never ended.  There was to be no “Franklin’s Tower” this evening, as the band turned the corner, launching instead an upbeat “Might as Well” that was well received and a perfect launching pad for the band’s next number, the psychedelic masterpiece “Dark Star”.

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The moment those familiar guitar chords crashed through the PA and bombarded my ears, I immediately felt my spirit leap for joy and my heart weep out of happiness.  Over the years, “Dark Star” has become an incredible vessel for my mind, a chance to truly explore its wondrous caverns and try to unlock the deep secrets of my subconscious.  Here, with all my friends and family, with the music so loud and so righteous, again I was able to transform and transfix myself, taking my mind on a unforeseen journey of discovery and enlightenment.

But before I could drift too far away from the sounds of music, the band again changed directions, putting the sonic soundscape on pause, choosing to reign things back in a bit as the time tested and well loved “Uncle John’s Band” came to the forefront.  The rip-roaring, knee stomping affair ascended its self the whole way to “Terrapin Station”, which was just beautiful and downright spectacular.  Feeling the need to slow things back down, and give their weary travels a break, it was time for the ballad of the evening.  On “Star Wars Day”, tonight’s choice was a perfect fit – the beautifully written and masterfully played “Standing on the Moon”.

Fear as we might that the night was almost thru, there was little time to worry as the band slowly crawled its way up and back into “Uncle John’s Band”, finishing the gem seamless and wonderfully as anyone can possibly muster.  theCAUSE was not done yet, though, as they returned to “Dark Star”, echoing out its classic final verses.  But as the night may finally seem to grow to a close, the tempo again raged forward at breakneck speed, as the band filled with energy and love from the crowd, barreled its way forward into a mind blowing set closing “Turn on Your Love light”.  Orbital velocity was reached here, and theCAUSE surely took this number the whole way to five.  After almost three hours of musical bliss, when the final notes filled the air, there was a bit of sadness in my heart for I knew this night was coming to a close.

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Before the curtain call, though, there was time for the encore.  On this night, theCAUSE could not have picked a better choice, as after a few minutes to catch their breath and water their windpipes, music again filled the air as the Dead classic “Not Fade Away” echoed throughout the Thunderbird.  Always a fan favorite, and especially on a night like this, there was no better way to end things than singing along to the chorus, pronouncing to the world that even after Jerry’s been gone for 18 years, the music will never stop and our love will NEVER fade away.

All in all, the biggest compliment I can really give this show is that a week after hearing it and experiencing it live, I spent an afternoon re-listening to the recording, trying to see if it was just the MAGIC of being there, or if this was truly a magical night.  The goosebumps on my arm… my two year old spinning in circles… and the tears running down my cheek… They all say that this was more than just a night you had to BE there.  This was a night that will live forever on the tapes and bring enjoyment to those than dare to tune in for years to come.


Friday, May 17 9:30 pm
The Note: 142 E. Market St., West Chester, PA (MAP)
DOUBLE DOSE will be reuniting for their first show in WEST CHESTER in 13 YEARS!!  It’s gonna be an incredible night of music & energy with all the old boys…Michael Hoernig, Jon Hoernig, Pat Kelly, Eric “Pappy” Weingrad, Johnny Bigham, Dave Gershman & Christian Salcedo!  You do NOT want to miss this!  THE NOTE is an incredible venue, located in the heart of West Chester.  Advanced ticketing website will be announced VERY SOON!  Presented by LiveNation!!
$8 adv / $10 dos (Buy tickets)

Sunday, May 26 6:30 pm
David Gans with David & Pappy
FRANKIE’S (formerly Frankie & Georgie’s): 5832 Forward Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (MAP)
Now that the “house party” has officially outgrown Bob Delaney’s living room, we are moving the party to Frankie’s. The plan is to have a potluck dinner at 6:30pm (bring something tasty) and the tunes will start at 7:30pm.  David Gans will be performing solo electric. David and Pappy will be doing a set, and we expect some jamming with all 3 on stage. $15 tickets.
21+ or w/ adult

Saturday, June 1 9:30 pm
theCAUSE and Friends at FRANKIE’S!!!
FRANKIE’S (formerly Frankie & Georgie’s): 5832 Forward Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (MAP)
theCAUSE will be joined by some wonderfully talented friends for a night of kick-ass jams!!! Join us!!
$7 at the door
21+ or w/ adult

Saturday, June 29 9:30 pm
FRANKIE’S (formerly Frankie & Georgie’s): 5832 Forward Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (MAP)
theCAUSE will be gearing up for POTTER COUNTY XX at FRANKIE’S!!  We will have some surprises for ya, and if you can’t make Potter – you GOTTA come to this one!! (although if you’re missing Potter 20…SHAME ON YOU!)
$7 at the door

Friday, July 5 – Sunday, July 7 2:00 pm – 2:00 pm
The Barn at Potter County: PA (MAP)
THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!! TWENTY YEARS of the Potter County party!!!  It’s hard to believe, but it’s true…..DOUBLE DOSE has been making the trek North for 20 consecutive years and this year, there’s gonna be some very special celebratin’ going on.  We hope to see you there.

Friday, August 9 9:30 pm
theCAUSE at the Crooked i
The Crooked i: 1013 State St, Erie, PA (MAP)
Our first Pause at the Crooked i in Erie, PA!!  Come on up for the first night of an awesome weekend up North!!  This is a KILLER venue with great sound & stage!!  SEE YOU THERE!!!

Saturday, August 10 5:00 pm
Southern Tier Brewing Company: 2072 Stoneman Circle, Lakewood, NY (MAP)
theCAUSE returns to the best brewery in the East – SOUTHERN TIER BREWING COMPANY!!!  We had SO much fun last year, thatPhin & his crew have invited us back!  This wonderful (and newly expanded) place is only a few hours from Pittsburgh and WELL worth the drive!!  Plenty of hotels/motels very close by.  Come up & join us for a REAL GOOD TIME at SOUTHERN TIER!!!

Saturday, September 7 9:30 pm
theCAUSE at Frankie’s
FRANKIE’S (formerly Frankie & Georgie’s): 5832 Forward Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (MAP)
21+ or w/ adult

Saturday, October 26 9:30 pm
FRANKIE’S (formerly Frankie & Georgie’s): 5832 Forward Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (MAP)
theCAUSE will celebrate its 10TH ANNIVERSARY as a band this night!  This would normally be our Halloween bash, but we’ve decided to make the evening a bit more special!!!  Thank you all for your support, over the years!  We will have more info as it becomes available on what will be an incredible evening of music at FRANKIE’S, celebrating 10 YEARS of theCAUSE!!

Saturday, November 30 9:30 pm
theCAUSE at Frankie’s
FRANKIE’S (formerly Frankie & Georgie’s): 5832 Forward Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (MAP)

Saturday, December 28 9:30 pm
theCAUSE at Frankie’s
FRANKIE’S (formerly Frankie & Georgie’s): 5832 Forward Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (MAP)
21+ or w/ adult