Twiddle performed with Midnight North at the Palace & Albany, Adrian Tramontano joined Twiddle on drums. Midnight North welcomed Mihali for a sit in. Twiddle was later joined by Midnight North for an electric shakedown street, that quickly brought on intensely pleasurable flashbacks of Twiddle’s Dead set at a packed to the gills Club Chill from the legendary Catskill Chill music festival.

There was easily 3 dudes at Ryan Dempsey’s keyboards, and no I was not seeing double. It’s alright though, seems like he’s got enough keyboards to go around.

Mihali was a great sport and even swung by the afterparty to join the Joe Cirotti Trio for a couple tunes. That guy oozes style and I guess he plays guitar or whatever. Just kidding, he shreds and plays with sort of laid back effortlessness that only a well seasoned musician can attain.

Thanks to the band and Frankie of Mirth films for hosting me and showing me an incredible time in Albany.

Shout out to Herm Lights for making that show look incredible, sparkle sparkle!