app jam photoWheeling, WV based jamband KR-3 has announced that they will be attempting to set a new world record Memorial Day weekend for the first live (organic) band to play for five hours at a silent disco.  Silent Disco is the name commonly used for a dance party where the music is transmitted through wireless headphones via FM transmission instead of traditional speaker systems.   Mostly used by DJ’s and popularized at music festivals as a way to get around noise ordinances, up and coming psychedelic jam rockers KR-3 is on the forefront in bringing the technology to the ears of listeners who prefer live bands over electronic dance music.  The first attempt at “live silent disco” was during Spring Dance at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, and presented some challenges.  “The single biggest challenge was the fact that since it’s such a new technology, ‘Googling’ the problems was basically useless. Which means we had to start from scratch. KR-3 uses a lot of vintage amps, and plugging guitars directly into the board sounded pretty terrible,” lead guitarist/vocalist Timothy Boyd stated in a recent interview with Appalachian Jamwich.  But with the help of Chris Powers of Powers Productions and Michael “Crazylegs” Hemann of Crazylegs Productions, they were able to tweak a few things, make a few adjustments, and the result was quite the success.  “Much respect to those guys for all the help in pioneering this new technology,” guitarist/vocalist Shane Lundy added.  “We couldn’t have accomplished it without them.   They deserve much, much respect.”

kr3The world record attempt will take place on Saturday evening (actually Sunday morning 5/26) from 1am-6am  at The Ville Music Festival, which is taking place Memorial Day weekend, May 24th – 27th at Clay’s Park Resort in North Lawrence, OH (about 15 miles WEST of Canton) – The water park/resort offers a multitude of activities in a family-friendly environment, and musical acts such as Ekoostik Hookah, Rusted Root, Col. Bruce Hampton, Fletchers Grove, and The Congress will be gracing the stage.  Guiness Book of World Records has been contacted for verification of a new record and the entire show will be captured via video and audio for verification purposes.   When asked how the idea for a live silent disco was hatched, Boyd stated, “The idea was presented to us by Brian Noel, a long time friend of the band. We’re nerds when it comes to music gear and production and he figured that we’d be able to solve some of the technical problems.”

KR-3 has been in existence since 2004, but has really gained traction in the past year, playing a number of festivals throughout the northeast, branching out to play in states such as New York, Virginia, and Maryland, and releasing their full length album “Fractures and Sparks”.  Their sound is infectious, with three part harmonies, mind-melting psychedelic guitar solos, and to top it all off, intense, reflective lyrics.  They will be appearing at Appalachian Jamwich’s Mad Tea Party Jam June 20th-23rd and their full schedule can be located HERE

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