What seems to be the annual Phish New Years Eve run at Madison Square Garden, brings a lot of people to New York City to see the band perform. With that is a great opportunity for bands including upcoming jamband powerhouse Dogs In A Pile or seasoned jam band veterans like Pink Talking Fish. These shows prove to be high energy and lots of fun.

DIAP at Sony Hall 12/28/23

Dogs In a Pile played at Sony Hall on 12/28 and started off with “G song”. Highlights included an electric “Feel Like a Stranger” and a respectful nod to Phish with an incredible “Harry Hood”.

PTF at Cutting Room 12/29/23

Pink Talking Fish played at The Cutting Room on 12/29. This was a show packed with the usual Phish, Talking Heads, and Pink Floyd but also heavily filled with 90’s classics like Nirvana, Flaming Lips, and radio hits.

PTF at Cutting Room 12/29/23

Marcus Rezak plays at Hill Country BBQ on 12/31. The set was filled with Grateful Dead favorites like “Scarlet Begonas”, “Playing in the Band”, and “Don’t Let Go” amongst two Zappa covers. This was quite a danceable set.

Marcus Rezak at Hill Country BBQ on 12/31/23

Yes there is a lot to see and experience other than just the Phish show around these runs. These bands are performing at high levels and are happy to gather new fans. Sometimes you just gotta poke around.