A lot of my friends ask me why I go to so many shows. My sarcastic answer is usually “Why not?”. In all honesty, it’s my happy place. A concert is a place to be, well, me. When I heard the announcement of the TABOOSE tour (Goose & Trey Anastasio Band), I knew that I couldn’t miss this special collaboration. On Saturday, the two bands were greeted with open arms at The Santander Arena in Reading, PA. The final show (of eight in ten days), was bittersweet for both bands and crew.

A little after seven forty five Goose took the stage, and before their opening number, they gave thanks to all the fans and Trey Anastasio Band, for bringing them on this journey. What a journey it’s been for the five piece group of gentlemen from Connecticut. 

With the capacity crowd nestled in, from the floor to the rafters, the opening notes of “Flodown”, took the energy to an “11”, lead guitarist Rick Mitarotonda taking the helm, as Pete “The WizKid” Anspach, tickled the ivories with grace side-stage. With the spot on light show, and the eleven plus minute start, fans held on tight to what was to unfold for the tour closer. “Dripfield”, showcased how the band has grown (quickly) over the years, as the song grew, the five piece weaved to a techno vibe to rock ‘n roll. Shining bright in the foreground during the number was the rhythm section of Atkind & Arevalo, as the sunglass wearing Trevor Weeks. The sold out crowd was in an uproar as the band welcomed Trey Anastasio for the Vasudo tune, “Rockdale”. The tour featured some stellar collaborations across the board, this night proved no different. Anastasio and Mitarotonda, were really feeling it, with their back-and-forth guitar licks were what jamband fans dream of. At the ten minute mark, they took it to the next level as the band kicked it into high gear. Closing out the set, “Hot Tea”, featured some spot on work by the “TAB Horn Section” featuring Jennifer Hartswick, Natalie Cressman and James Casey. This was just the beginning of what would be a very special evening at The Santander Arena.

Trey Anastasio, guitarist extraordinaire, wears a number of hats while onstage. If you watch closely you can see that he is also a brilliant composer, and always has new ideas running through his head. Last month, Trey Anastasio Band took the stage in Reading for what was their final tour stop on the well-recepted, TABOOSE Fall Tour. It’s a beautiful sight when veterans like TAB can bring on the new generation of jam bands, Goose. It’s a mutual respect.

Twenty years of seeing TAB live (first show was 10/26/2002), there is something special about the band. They truly put everything into their performances and a true appreciation for their audiences. “Push On ‘Til The Day”, set the tone early, as the veteran guitarist was strolling across the stage with a huge grin on his face. Now his supporting cast has changed over the years, but the joy and professional musicianship has stayed the same.  The beautiful reggae groove of “Love Is What We Need”, featuring Cyro Baptista, shooting his “Cupid Arrow” into the crowd spreading the love far and wide.  “Camel Walk”, this tune in whatever configuration, is always a pleasure in any spot in the setlist. Written by one of Phish’s original members, guitarist, Jeff Holdsworth, has been making appearances for two plus decades. The way that Trey Anastasio Band performs it with the strong horn trio of (Cressman/Hartswick/Casey) along with Ray Paczkowski throwing in some absolutely pristine keyboard wizardry, this rendition was one to write home about. “A Life Beyond A Dream”, a number that was first penned with Ghosts Of The Forest, is one of Anastasio’s heartfelt numbers. Even though it’s more of a sit down and soak in the vibes type, it can really pull at your heart strings. 

Throughout the set, laying it down on the bass was the newest member to the team, Dezron Douglas. After hearing him perform a few times with TAB, it’s a “no brainer” why Anastasio gave him the nod to fill the shoes of the late Tony Markellis. Between Douglas and the one and only, Russ Lawton, laying it down on the drums, they truly have something special whenever they hit the stage.

Being the last night of the tour, you knew both bands would leave it all out on the stage for their fanbases. Trey (Anastasio) was very enthusiastic to welcome to the stage Rick Mitarotonda and Pete Anspach for an oldie but goodie, “Ghost”. You could feel the electricity throughout the arena hit an all-time high as TAB along with the guitar licks of Mitarotonda, and keyboards of Anspach, kicked into high gear during the late 90’s Phish classic. “First Tube”, always a crowd pleaser, featured all the members of Trey Anastasio Band and Goose together. This was the cherry on top, a perfect way to conclude the evening. 

After a very short break, both bands came back to thank everyone who made this tour a dream come true. “Llama” (Slow), opened the three song encore, with the classic lyrics of “Llama! Taboot! Taboot!” being alternated in fitting fashion to “Llama! TABOOSE! TABOOSE!” “Party Time”, what else can you say. As the bands marched across the stage one final time at the end of the tune, the smiles were wide across the capacity arena.

At the end of the day, it’s about the music, comradery, and fans that make the scene. Even though the tour was short but sweet, it was definitely memorable for many in attendance and “couch touring”. 

All photos by Jordan Eisman.



Pancakes @

Turned Clouds


Rockdale #%

Elmeg The Wise %

Hot Tea %^


@ Great Blue

# Vasudo


% Trey Anastasio

^ Trey Anastasio Band Horns

Goose Members:

Peter Anspach (Keyboards/Vocals)

Ben Atkind (Drums)

Rick Mitarotonda (Guitar/Vocals)

Jeff Arevalo (Percussion)

Trevor Weeks (Bass)

Trey Anastasio Band:

Push On ’Til The Day

Love Is What We Are


Cayman Review 

Camel Walk


No Men In No Man’s Land 

A Life Beyond A Dream

…And Flew Away

Dark & Down

Ghost #

Hey Stranger 

Everything’s Right #

First Tube $


(Slow) Llama $

Show Of Life $

Party Time $

Trey Anastasio Band Members:

Trey Anastasio (Guitar/Vocals)

Ray Paczkowski (Keyboards)

Russ Lawton (Drums)

Cyro Baptista (Percussion)

Natalie Cressman (Trombone/Vocals)

Jennifer Hartswick (Trumpet/Vocals)

James Casey (Saxophone/Vocals)

Dezron Douglas (Bass)


# Rick Mitarotonda & Peter Anspach (Goose)

$ Trey Anastasio Band & Goose