I think a large part of what makes music so powerful is the emotion that the artists put behind their work. Anyone can create a song to listen to, but it takes true talent & dedication to create something the audience can feel as well as hear. We all have those songs that send chills up our spines & make the hair on the back of our necks dance to the beat. Typically these songs can be few & far between so you can imagine my surprise when the sensation lasted the entirety of SixFoxWhiskey‘s latest release Naughty Air.

SixFoxWhiskey is a five piece band hailing from New England where they are taking the music scene by storm with their unique blend of musical styling. I don’t think it would be fair or do the group justice to label them with any one genre, but without a doubt it is good vibes you can’t help but groove to. Naughty Air is a perfect showcase of exactly that. The album opens with “Betty” pulling you in with a catchy chorus you won’t want to get out of your head. “Common Ground” is next up to bat, bolstering both a funkadelic rhythm throughout & lyrics I think we can all relate to. They also treat us with an amazingly sultry Sax solo. “Oh Ya” brings out the jam in the group, taking you on a musical journey you will not soon forget. After melting your brain, They give you a short break with a heart-warming a capella  interlude. Last but absolutely not least, “Crossroads” rounds out the album with some extra soulful vocals accompanied by a perfect blend of jazz & jam that definitely leaves you wishing for more in the best kind of way.

If I had to sum the album up with just a few words, I would say short but oh-so sweet. Honestly though, there is no describing it. I truly recommend you feel it for yourself.

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