Written By Jeff Modzelewski

Electro-rock fusion artists Sun & Rain have been making the rounds on the Pennsylvania scene for quite some time.  They’ve had the opportunity to open for some of the best current jam bands as they came through the area, and they’re diverse enough to fit in with a variety of artists.  They recently released a 4-song EP, Remediate, featuring an all-too-short collection of synth-y grooves and funky rhythms that are focused on creating an energy to move your body to.  In under 20 minutes the band does exactly what they set out to do.

Everything about this album fits nicely together.  The opening bass line to “Revive” kicks off a funky tune where the synth takes the lead and the rhythm section holds down the back beat.  The guitar gets some nice little fills but lays back to allow the synth to really take the song. “Mist” has a smoother, jazzier feel to it, getting deep into a groove.  I love the synth/guitar breakdown in the middle of the song and really felt like they could continue exploring that interplay. I would imagine that in a live setting they use those interludes to create some space before building back up into the jam.  Sun & Rain can easily draw comparisons to TAUK due to their similar setup and styles, and “Intoxination” brings the similarities out in a great way. The song clearly draws influence from TAUK and would fit in very well with what they do. This comparison isn’t a bad thing, however, given the talent necessary to create these types of songs.  They explore a lot of directions but continue to come back to a nice hook that ties the song together. The closing song “Escape” brings the guitar out front more than any other song, again allowing the hook to ground the song as the band used it as a jumping off spot. Being able to try a variety of different things and always come back to the root of the song helps keep a listener’s interest without having to use vocals.  

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This album shows a lot of potential for Sun & Rain, and it’s no surprise that the band has built a solid following.  I would say that i would’ve liked to hear more from the band. More songs, more styles, more than a 20 minute teaser.  A 4 song EP meant that they were always going to be limited, but I felt that they could’ve taken some more risks and extended some of these songs.  As it is, the album does successfully leave you wanting more, and rumor has it that the band is readying more new material. I’m certain I would enjoy seeing how the band plays these songs live and what else they’re able to do on stage.  I’m excited about more music coming from this band in the future.