Self-described as “back porch hillbilly ruckus groovin’ rock n roll,” Larry Elefante’s album  I Get Sentimental showcases just a bit of each descriptor mentioned in the genre. I Get Sentimental is Larry’s first production, and has been created as an homage to the bittersweet experience of life. With lots of all-star guests and a wonderful variety in story-telling songs, this collection of music takes the listener on a nostalgic adventure through outlaw country tunes & back porch grooves.

The album starts with its namesake, “I Get Sentimental” which is a smooth, short, slow country song that takes you gently into the album- just like an into scene in an old movie.

This album doesn’t stay slow for long though- the next track is “One Foot in the Mud.” This tune starts to kick it up a notch, it is fast paced and fun. “Daddy’s Heart” is one of my favorites on the collection, and slows the pace of the ride back down after the previous track. “Daddy’s Heart” is a melancholy piece about heartbreak, it is a rather relatable country song for any listener who has had the experience of the person they used to love leaving. The fourth track on the album brings the energy back into the experience. “Real Cool” is a complex, harmonica-infused melody that makes you want to dance!

Skipping ahead, the final song on this album, “The Long Way” is a perfect convergence of the production as a whole. This song is layered with talent, from fun vocals and swelling instruments that build on each other, to a dramatic tempo change, this song is a mischievous, boisterous good time.

If you love country with an edge, rock and roll with a hillbilly touch, or are just a listener looking to try something new, give Larry Elefante’s I Get Sentimental a try!