Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for a friend, brother, boss, or lover.. The Jamwich has you covered on all the best gifts for the special music loving men in your life! Prefer to make something? Amazon’s convenience more your style? Love supporting small businesses? We’ve got options for everyone. I know that the holiday season can be stressful but this list is sure to get you in the spirit of gift-giving and warm your heart when you see the smile on your jam band loving guy’s face.

(Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate The Jamwich receives a small commission from Amazon sales derived from the links in this article. )

For the man who likes to pick his own gift:

Musician’s Friend gift card:

Musiciansfriend.com is the perfect site for the musician in your life. Choose any amount and have a physical gift certificate sent in the mail or email it straight to the recipient. Musician’s friend has endless instruments, equipment, digital software and downloads, sheet music, apparel, and more. The gift of choice is perfect for those who may be unsure on what their guy may really want. Musiciansfriend.com also features a “Stupid Deal of the Day” which showcases one item each day at a ridiculously great discount.

Photo by Steven Berry

The gift that lasts all year:

A Season Pass to their Favorite Local Venue

Many music venues, both large and small, offer a season pass for a true “gift that keeps on giving.” When you purchase a pass at one flat rate, your man will have virtually unlimited access to shows at that venue for the entire next year!! Some passes only offer a credit for a certain dollar value towards tickets and others offer access to every show on the bill for one full calendar year. In Harrisburg, PA; The Abbey Bar, offers a season pass for just $200.00 and includes access to almost every show they book with many other bonus perks for season passholders. Check out their website for more information & look into your local venues to see if they offer a similar pass. 

The gifts you can make yourself:

Time to get crafty!

When preparing to write this article I did what most girls do when thinking about what to buy a man, or anyone really… I consulted with complete strangers on the internet! Luckily because I belong to one of the most amazing groups of like-minded, music loving females; Phish Chicks, I was flooded with great ideas. Everyone knows that some of the most memorable gifts are handmade, but not everyone has a clue of what to actually make. Luckily, I pulled some of my favorites from the thread to share.

Steph Landis shared a nifty macrame
guitar strap that she made for her man!

Anna-Marika Bauer also got crafty and purchased a pattern off Etsy and hand stitched this Phish cross stitch!

Sarah Haywhacker shared a great idea for an extra sentimental handmade gift: Printing out the lyrics or sheet music for “your song” and framing it, then painting the title of the song on the glass and making your own special work of art.

You can also order this from Etsy: Click Here to view on Etsy.

Lastly, one of my favorite ideas is to take all of the ticket stubs and concert pamphlets your guy may have collected throughout the years and making them into something he will treasure forever. A scrapbook, framed collage, or simply putting them into a special box  that you can decorate, is an easy and relatively cheap way to make sure those tickets are saved!

Gifts for the guy who loves music & tech:

Amazon picks!

Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker:
This speaker that resembles a Marshall Amp is the perfect speaker for the music fan! It comes packed with great sound quality as well as its own case and stand with a sleek design. On Amazon for $129.99.

iZotope Spire Studio
Product description: “Use the iZotope Spire Studio to record studio-quality sound without the hassle of cables. Instantly edit, mix, and share your recorded songs via a built-in Wi-Fi connection between Spire Studio and the free, Spire app for iOS. Whether capturing a moment of inspiration or collaboration with bandmates, Spire delivers a new kind of recording experience.” On Amazon for $349.00.

Noise Cancelling Headphones: $-$$$$

Every music fan from casual to hardcore needs a great pair of headphones! There are endless options to meet any budget. Noise cancelling headphones allow for your music loving man to get his live show fix right from his phone even during a hectic train commute or while working out at the gym.

Voted “Best Overall” on Amazon: buy here.
Voted “Best Budget” headphone: Buy on Amazon here.

The Song In My Head: Songwriter Journal:

For the fan who is also a songwriter or musician, the songwriter journal is a great gift! The man in your life who is constantly wishing he had a way to jot down those lyrics that come to mind in the strangest of places will never be stuck again. The journal also includes tips and guides from professional musicians as well as inspiring quotes & music theory help! Buy on Amazon for $12.90.

For the fan who has it all:

You can purchase this poster already framed on Amazon for $119.

Frame His Favorite Show Poster!
If your man is anything like mine (or me) he purchases a print from every show he attends and then rarely gets around to doing anything with them. The holiday season is the perfect time to take those posters and get them professionally framed and then hang it in his favorite spot in the house! Lots of craft stores have coupons available online or week long framing sales during this time of year. A professional framing can carry a hefty price tag but will be something he will treasure forever. Alternatively, you can purchase your own frame and DIY!

From one fan to another:

Etsy Shop Gifts!

I pretty much exclusively shop for my music loving fiance, best friend, and other fans via etsy. Lots of fans, turned shop owners, have all of the perfect gifts year round for you to purchase directly on their website or app. 


Shop owner, Jenalee Cook, suggests gifting things that are practical! Jars for their goodies, coasters and coozies for their favorite beverages, carabiners, wine corks, and more can be found in her shop!


GSD stocks a plethora of fan approved apparel, pins, and more for the music fan! Browsing through their page is like taking a walk down shakedown without leaving your bedroom. I found lots of great gift ideas for the man who likes to wear his favorite band’s lyrics right on their head! Visit shop here.


Another fan-run shop with lots of wearable goods for your music man! Lots of lot worthy t-shirts, stickers, and coozies to choose from. Visit shop here.


Laser-cut designs that come in a variety of goods. Coasters, jewelry, magnets, and even awesome ticket stub holder boxes. Visit shop here.


Shop owner creates patchwork clothing and more that is also sustainable! Check out these awesome shorts for your fan. Visit shop here.

Whether you spend $1 or $1 million dollars, we all know that at the end of the day it is the thought that counts. I think that the music loving man is one of the most fun people to shop for because so much excites them! Spend your money or your time with your loved ones this season. You can never go wrong with a mixed CD of all the songs that remind you of him or tickets to his favorite band for you to join him for a show. Also don’t forget to check out your favorite music fan’s favorite band’s website during the holidays, a lot of them will have their own sales going on for their merch. Let us know if you purchased any of these ideas and how they liked him. Happy Holidays!