Written by Nick Price

LITZ’s debut album Illusion of Time is not an album to miss. The six-piece funk/rock jam band from Gaithersburg, Maryland knocked this one out of the park. The band, consisting of Austin Litz (Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals), Logan Litz (Bass), Michael Litz (Drums), Justin Ross (Guitar), Nick Thrasher (Percussion) and Will S (Effects & Keys), has incredibly tight interplay that does indeed transport the listener on a sonically charged journey with funky horn and guitar riffs, supported by wah-driven keys and a nice combination of drums and percussion. The band has been making quite a name for itself, playing packed shows throughout their home state of Maryland. Their unique sound showcases the incredible talent of each musician.


The vocals of Austin Litz blend very nicely with the rest of the band and where some bands lack in the vocal category, you will not be disappointed with Austin’s pipes. From time to time, you wish a little more from the band lyrically. However, it is very easy to get lost in the smooth sounds of Austin’s horn, which is complimented by driving bass and guitar riffs that make you instantly want to move your hips. The album is filled with fun and far out tracks like Tomatoes and Round Trip Ticket that are great efforts by the band to showcase each members talents, especially Will S who adds some great effects layered throughout the album.


The album packs a punch from the first song to the last. It opens with a track called Morning Dew, a horn heavy, funky track that will get everyone dancing. It is followed by the track Gypsy Queen. This track will definitely be one that is played over and over. The song has a very Santana-esque vibe, but only if he was the guitarist for a funk-electro outfit. Trees is another track that has a great combo of guitar and saxophone riffs, but loses its luster with some lyrics that could have used some work. However, Harlem Nocturne comes right back with great interplay between all the musicians with great percussion work from Nick Thrasher, which helps by adding a robust sound. You can tell the band has a lot of musical influences, especially with guitarist, Justin Ross, who seamlessly channels guitar virtuoso Santana and Van Halen, blending it nicely with funk riffs very familiar to Parliament’s Eddie Hazel, especially on the track Power of Love, a track written by the whole band.


Illusion of Time is certainly no illusion. This album is very real and well worth the listen. The album is a perfect showcase the band’s talent and passion. Make sure to check out their debut effort and catch LITZ when they pass through.