Taco ‘Bout It: Let’s Change the World

by Taco Olmstead

Photo by Roger Gupta

This past campaign season has been grueling and worn on many a nerve. Everyone has their own ideas and each candidate has their own plan of how to change this world for the better. Some of us will vote for whomever we most identify with, others will vote for whomever will further their own agenda. Some people will not vote at all for a myriad of different reasons, while most people who vote are hoping their vote changes their world.

What if I said you could change the world without running for or holding political office? What if I told you that you could change the world without spending a dollar? Would you try? Would you step out of your comfort zone to be the change you want to see?

Every morning when we wake up we choose the world we wake up to. Our thoughts create our perception which in turn creates our reality. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that is not the change you want to see in your world, and you’re right, it is not, but it is where we all need to start.

Now that you have your head right and fixed your vision, let’s start changing the world! Look out your window, what do you see? Is it a sunny day or is the sun hurting your eyes? Is it a dreary, rainy day or is it a day of rejuvenation and cleansing brought by rain? The choice is truly yours and only you can choose what kind of day it is out there!

Hopefully at this point you’ve decided that your day, and it is YOUR day, is a great day and you’re ready to change your world, and it is YOUR world! There is no person, entity or power out there that can change your perception. People may try, circumstances can influence, but ultimately you choose how to perceive your world, your life. The power of your reality is entirely in your own hands and it always has been. Now, are you ready to greet your day and all of its inhabitants and change their lives?

I do not ask but rather, I beg of each of you who read this, to help me change the world one heart at a time. It’s quite easy and it doesn’t cost you a single penny and doesn’t even take up any more of your time. Would you like to join us in this endeavor? Are you willing to be yourself?

That is all that I am asking for you to do in order to help me change our world. Just be yourself, but not your any old self, but rather your new, best self. Your best self recognizes when and where a kind word is needed and is never afraid to hug a stranger. Your best self doesn’t anger so easily and helps your fellow human shoulder a burden. Your best self realizes that courtesy is the lubricant of the universe.

Being your best self does not mean that you don’t feel sadness or the darkness that eventually visits all of our lives, on the contrary your best self feels those times even more. It is our best self however that turns those times into vibrant lessons and releases that light into the world. It is our best self that will not quit. Our best selves would never concede to defeat. Our best selves love the learning that comes from facing the obstacles we face. Our best selves do not count obstacle as barriers but rather opportunities. Our best selves are never afraid to love despite the vulnerability that comes with it because our best selves cannot be moved by pain and sorrow because our best selves only grow stronger through strife. This is how we change our world, by being our best self one day at a time and by changing one heart at a time.

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