One Last Hoot In The Holler WHAT?!

Written by B. A. Jones

Some places are magical. Possum Holler is one of those places, the holler literally has a soul. The woods are filled with Native American and ethereal spirits. You can feel the Holler’s soul tingling against your skin, like a battery filled with potential energy. So much joy, love, and exuberance have been released there over the last 5 years. Possum Holler is alive, with the adoration and revelry of Holler Folk like me. The abundant quartz and limestone that cradle her fertile soil are an ancient battery. The acoustics, engineered by Mother Nature herself, are mystical to the point of perfection.

I have seen her enchanted forest dwellers and those Indian Sentinels,  who live amongst her hills, protecting her secrets. The first time I lay my head down on her heart (in the Wonder Woods), I knew I was home. In the 5 years since, I have done all I can for Possum Holler, and we have become family. The Holler is a gateway for a community of rabalrous like minded family. Great music of all genres is the common thread that ties us all together.

Her stage has graced so many epic bands, and incredible musicians. The Holler has had fantastic tiny little festivals! Mostly showcasing the best in the world, all from right here in NC. Like The Mantras, Mac & Juice Quartet, The Heritage, Yo Mamas Big Fat Booty Band, and Barefoot Wade. Over the years hosting amazing bands from across the U.S.

Starting quite a few years ago, I saw many NC bands for the very first time on the Holler stage. Becoming a fanatic for all of their music. The very first time I saw Funkuponya, BIG Something, The Native Sway, Big Daddy Love, Imperial Blend, and The Deluge was on Possum Holler’s stage. All have been impressing new fans ever since, all over the East coast. The happiness that exudes from every pore, listening to such eargasmic music, all adds to Possum Holler’s energy and spirit.

The Holler is small, mystical, and special. She can be suffocatingly humid, and frigidly cold. Dusty, dirty, muddy, and stretches her roots out to trip you. You have to be tough to be Holler Folk. I’ve survived camping while a tornado skipped over The Holler, and the sound board survived as I dumped it’s awning continuously. Beautiful babies have been conceived there, and The Holler also reveled the wedding of it’s owner’s, Jeremy and Laura Lu Bell. We have been enlightened, consoled, and awarded by the sacred soil. There is a special devotion I feel for Possum Holler, it’s music, and all our honest, fun, weird, silly, crazy Holler family.

Yet it really is a small, beautiful place, with very limited parking. All of these euphoric bands have grown excessively, and continuing to use Possum Holler to showcase them, just isn’t feasible anymore. I knew this heart breaking news (as staff) before The BIG What? even started. Big Something, and The BIG What? need lots of space and parking to fulfill their potential. So The BIG What? ll was the last festival to be held at Possum Holler. Next year Possum Holler productions will be moving The BIG What? to a much bigger piece of property, not far away.

So as I rejoiced watching Zach Deputy grace her stage, and watching Dopapod, Consider The Source, and Les Racquet enveloping us in musical love there, for the last time, I appreciated every second. I danced harder, laughed louder, and embraced our joyful family tighter. Still reticent, my usual joyful tears were also tinged with sadness… I drank in every molecule of Possum Holler energy, and expelled all of my rapturous energy out to her. I poured her out a shot of cherry shine, and fed her soul my appreciation.

Each band’s set was musical church for me. I held my hands up high, absorbing each band’s musical love and energy. As I relished the spiritual sets, I prayed silently. Giving thanks, and sending prayers for musicians while they played. Asking blessings for them each. If they recieve half of the blessed joy they have given ME over these years, they will know how important they have been to my spiritual and emotional well being. Not just in my fun, happy times, but in my darkest, saddest hours. Life can be hard, and unfair. To have what we all have together is a true blessing. We all know how lucky we are, and Possum Holler will always be our Heaven.

I know we will celebrate there together in the future. Birthdays, Holler Days (Thanksgiving), and special occasions, our family will always be entwined. I can’t express how deep my gratitude goes for Possum Holler. I have left my heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and skin in The Holler. My Possum Holler memories envelope me like silk sheets, warm, soft, and comforting. Amazing memories of the best times in my life. I know how graced I am to be loved back. By a plot of land, our Holler Folk, and all the band’s I’m religiously fanatical for. The BIG What? was definitly one last hoot in the Holler. More epic than the last epic event, as always. Now, on to bigger and better things for us all. So I say good-bye Possum Holler, I thank you.