What started as a pledge to myself has manifested into something bigger than I ever imagined.  The pledge: to buy handmade and make gifts for the holiday season.  I wanted people to know the important of supporting these artisans.  I wanted to encourage people to expand their creative minds and tailor something specific for loves ones.

All around the world people are creating one-of-a-kind beauties to share with other people. Consider yourself the recipient of a handmade gift.  This gift is more cherished. There is a story behind it; there is ONE person behind it. It’s time to reevaluate the way we consume.  This is where it starts. From any special occasion to your everyday needs, you can make it (or buy it handmade).

Why is buying handmade better? Chain store culture has us all consuming alike. The connection to our local sources has been lost. It’s time to reconnect. The environmental impact from mass production in factories is detrimental.  Buying handmade makes a small, yet momentous, impression. The more we support our local and even global artisans, the better our community and our world becomes.

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