Two weekends from now, the idyllic lands of central Illinois will be invaded with live music once again, when Solshine Reverie comes to town. Scheduled to run from Thursday May 23 through Sunday May 26, Solshine will bring over one hundred musical artists across four stages, in addition to lots of non-musical entertainment, educational programs, and arts and crafts, and more.

Today, the festival has announced daily set times for each of its four days, which you can check out in full below. Headliners of this year’s event include giants from across the worlds of EDM, jam, funk, and americana, such as John Summit, Goose, Deadmaus 5, The String Cheese Incident, and more.

Something that veterans to the community have been ready to embrace but that newcomers may not know: Solshine Reverie comes as a newly branded event in the wake of what was previously known as Summer Camp Music Festival, which championed a remarkable history of twenty plus consecutive years since its inception in 2001.

Ian Goldberg, founder of Summer Camp and now Solshine, addresses the new direction in a thoughtful note on the event’s website, saying:

Summer Camp had evolved into much more than a music festival, it was a community centered around music and art. I wanted to recognize that in the name by not calling it a festival but a Reverie full of music and arts, such that we all can create our experience together – and have that build intentionality in our actions once we leave.” 

Program-wise, Solshine Reverie will be continuing the musical layout of Summer Camp’s many years, having artists peforming on two main stages and two side stages. Additionally, the festival will keep one of the crown jewels of the musical smorgasboard: The Red Barn. Ticketed separately from the rest of the festival, the late night sets that happen in The Red Barn bring, year after year, the highest of praise from festival veterans and newcomers alike.

Check out the daily set times for Solshine Reverie below. You can also head to their website for information about tickets, weekend logistics, and more. One nifty feature you’ll find there is the personal schedule creator, which, after registering with your name and email, will allow you to digitally curate your own music itinerary for the weekend.

Below the schedule, we’ve featured a short list of our favorite artists scheduled to perform at the festival. If you make it out to the Reverie, we really recommend not missing these ones!

Seven Artists Not To Miss This Year At Solshine Reverie:

The Disco Biscuits: Sunday, Campfire Stage 2:30am – 4:30am

At a festival that casts a big net across the EDM and jamband scenes, one of the best ways you can get the best of both is to catch jamtronica luminaries The Disco Biscuits. The more particular reason to not miss their set at Solshine: the band, by pretty unanimous decision among the fanbase, has been playing some of the best shows of their nearly thirty year career this year. One can expect their performance in Chillicothe to be another remarkably memorable one.

Armchair Boogie: Sunday, Campfire Stage 5:30pm – 7pm

There’s nothing quite like getting down in the dirt to some festival bluegrass, and nobody will help you do that better than Armchair Boogie. Coming off a debut at Summer Camp last year, Armchair will be bringing back melodic hooks, lush harmonies, and lots of serious improvisational jamming back to a crowd that couldn’t get enough last year. 

Eggy:  Saturday, Campfire Stage 12:30am – 1:30am

In just their short tenure over the past couple of years, northeast jamband Eggy has made some real waves upon the scene. This includes Chillicothe: two years ago, the band had one of the biggest crowds for a debut act in the festival’s whole history. One year ago, the band was invited on stage to join the one and only Andy Frasco—in the middle of a jam, no less.

LP Giobbi: Sunday, Campfire Stage 12:30am – 1:30am

“A Deadhead kid raised by Deadheads,” as Leah Chisholm, AKA LP Giobbi, proudly declares herself. Giobbi is a pretty hot ticket right now—the producer has collaborated over the last year with artists like Goose, Bob Weir, String Cheese Incident, and more. At Solshine she’ll being doing a Dead House set, a fresh late night offering of material from her recently released tribute to the good ol’ grateful.

Maddy O’Neal: Friday, Campfire Stage 7:45pm – 8:45pm

When it comes to queens of the EDM scene, one would be remiss to not mention Maddy O’Neal as one of them. A performer at multiple Summer Camp events of years past, O’Neal is a longtime friend and favorite of the community, and treats the truth of such every year with sets of visual and audial brilliance, good feelings, and pure electronic groove.

Lespecial: Sunday, Campfire Stage 8pm – 9pm + Red Barn Late night 2:30am – 4am

Last year in Chillicothe, the metal-tinged, doom dance three piece known as Lespecial took the weekend by absolute storm with an incredible “Headbanger’s Ball” set. It featured all kinds of guests including members of Umphreys McGee, Aqueous, Turkuaz, and more, and was a sublimely executed performance of gritty arena rock. This year, in addition to an evening slot on the Campfire stage, the festival is following up on the craze by giving these heavy hitters a Red Barn late night throwdown.

Orebolo: Saturday, Moonshine Stage 3pm – 4pm

With all the smash and crash of the other sets planned for Solshine, festival patrons would do well to treat themselves to a breezy, acoustically soulful set from Oreobolo. The three piece offshoot of jamscene favorites Goose (also scheduled to play a headlining set at the festival), Orebolo as a live act are at this point in life still a thing of special rarity. The Reverie is a good chance to catch this magic while you can.