On Thursday evening, one of the best bands in the blues/jam scene opened their Spring Tour at The Count Basie Center For The Arts, The Tedeschi Trucks Band. This twelve piece group of virtuosos is led by Susan Tedeschi (Guitar/Vocals) and Derek Trucks (Guitar). The two have been married since 2001, and have been playing music together for as long as they can remember. 

As the band graced the stage, Gabe Dixon on piano introduced the opening number of “Darlin’ Be Home Soon” (The Lovin’ Spoonful), Tedeschi took the reigns on lead vocals as the trio of Mike Mattison, Mark Rivers and Alecia Chakour chimed in with pitch perfect harmony vocals. You could feel the electricity in the air for the opening night of the Spring Tour. 

“Signs, High Times”, gave a chance for the twelve members to really gel. The trio of Kebbi Williams, Elizabeth Lea,and Ephraim Owens are some of the most talented brass players in the music scene today. They absolutely are spot on whether they are chiming in or soloing. You could hear their powerful contributions to this number. The beauty of this band is that they can make a cover tune and truly make it their own. One of the highlights of the evening was a magical rendition of the Leonard Cohen song, “Suzanne”.  

Tyler (Greenwell) and Isaac (Eady), are the backbone to Tedeschi Trucks Band, laying down the groove in the background. The timing and precision was astounding through the two hours of music. Whether it be on “It’s So Heavy” (Tedeschi Trucks Band) or quieter blues number or the spot rendition of “Anyday” (Derek & Dominos) , the two were always “in the pocket”. 

Not only is Derek Trucks considered one of the top guitar players, he may be one of the best “composers” around today. His communication with the rest of his bandmates throughout the evening was a pure joy to watch. He gave everyone a chance to showcase their virtuosic talents. “Joyful Noise”, penned two decades ago by The Derek Trucks Band, really let Derek let loose with a solo that took the listener to musical bliss. On “I Want More”, Brandon Boone, laid down a funky groove to begin the number, as he did all evening. 

A beautiful night of music was concluded with a perfect rendition of The Coasters “Let’s Go Get Stoned”, that Lea (Trombone) & Owens (Trumpet) to showcase their talents in the brass section. As Tedeschi chimed in with “On St. Day, you have a little drink.” 

Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks have a very special musical bond. They are always at the top of their game and the musicians that they have backing them are some of the “best of the best”. Their live performances are a musical experience and journey. Thursday night proved why they are presently one of the best touring acts around.


Darlin’ Be Home Soon 



How Blue Can You Get? 

Crying Over You

It’s So Heavy

Laugh About It

44 Blues 


Ball & Chain

Learn How To Love

Just Won’t Burn

Joyful Noise

I Want More

Les Brers In A Minor


Let’s Go Get Stoned 


Derek Trucks / Guitar

Susan Tedeschi / Guitar & Vocals

Tyler Greenwell / Drums & Percussion

Isaac Eady / Drums & Percussion

Mike Mattison / Harmony Vocals

Mark Rivers / Harmony Vocals

Alecia Chakour / Harmony Vocals

Kebbi Williams / Saxophone

Elizabeth Lea / Trombone

Ephraim Owens / Trumpet

Brandon Boone / Bass Guitar

Gabe Dixon / Keyboards & Vocals