By: Kyle DiRaddo

Debut albums can be tricky.  On the one hand, you want to show off your chops and incorporate as much of your sound into a handful of tracks as you can.  On the other hand, you don’t want to throw too much out there so as to not allow the sound you want to show off to come through.  In their first studio endeavor This is Now, Asheville, NC based band The Snozzberries walked right up to that line, kicked it in the face, and kept right on cruising.

Billed as a “psychedelic rock band,” The Snozzberries came out swinging with so much more than that label would have one believe.  70’s era funk jams with slappy bass lines, swinging jazz complete with spoken word sections that melt into Pink Floyd-inspired soundscapes, and ripping guitar solos devoid of the overproduced pitfalls that can accompany a debut album all come together to show the depth and musical courage required to make your mark in the ever-changing waters of the jam scene and beyond.

The title track “This is Now” I found particularly interesting.  The disco bounce of the keyboard accompanied by a bass line that wouldn’t sit still if you gave it Ritalin and the simple harmonies of the vocals at the beginning, give way to a much more sultry and dark organ-heavy offering before coming back up for air.  Quick tempo changes and stylistic variations throughout the tune keep you engaged as a listener as you’re never quite sure what is going to come around the next turn.

This is Now is a very ambitious album full of genre-bending twists and turns and shows an unbelievable amount of maturity for a band that has only been together for the latter quarter of the 2010’s.  If you’re smart, you’ll keep an eye on The Snozzberries because if what I’ve heard is any indication, I expect these guys to be staples for many years to come.

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